Another $2,300 Made with Riding the Trend

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Here we go folks,

Here’s another fast $2,300 made in just over 60 seconds with the riding the trend strategy that we have already spoken about previously. This one is fresh, and we wanted to make this post fast for you.

We talked about how we made serious money – $3,500 with the riding the trend binary trading strategy earlier last week. Check out that link for the full post on the entire strategy as I’m not going to re-post it all here. But what I wanted to show here were just the results of the screenshots of the event.

I started watching the EUR/USD at around 2:30 as I was doing some other work on my computer. I pulled up some forex charts from and I was looking at them intermittently. There usually isn’t a day that goes by that doesn’t afford a great opportunity to use the riding the trend strategy with the EUR/USD. Even with all the craziness about the Euro zone, it’s still an extremely predictable and stable currency, and great for this particular binary options trading strategy.

Here’s a graph of what the EUR/USD looked like today and I noticed some sharp drop-offs and I wanted to catch these with a fast call. As you can see the last negatively sloped red lines encircled by the red ellipse is the region I capitalized on and jumped in on the trend – and really damn successfully I may add!

We pulsed the market with our $5 like we talked about, and lost that one because there was a 60 second flat-line and a blip up, but immediately jumped in because we saw that the EUR/USD was starting to dive, so we went in with our big trades for another awesome trading streak and demonstration of how you can make money online with the riding the trend binary options strategy.
Here’s our screenshots!

As you can see, we lost our second to last trade and won the very last trade. If you look at the graph you can see a leveling off, where that basically indicated that the foot was taken off the gas and we should stop placing orders.

You can also see that our prediction was right, and that the market cooled off. So we got out exactly at the perfect timing! We also boosted our balance to $32,416!

Finally, here’s another screen shot of our trade balance profit/loss sheet with the timing of all our trades.

So there you have it. Another excellent example of how to make money online fast with binary option trading. This is an extremely powerful method, and if you can master this options trading strategy than you are in for some serious money!

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  1. Hi Michael, I want to see you post new videos of new trades please. I have been practicing 60 sec
    trading but with mixed results. I like your trading strategy but I want to see more videos to practice
    so that I can become better. Michael what do you think about buying high and selling low on 60 sec? Thanks

    SAEED J.

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