Brief Guide to Binary Options

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Binary options offers fixed return due to two possible outcomes – call and put. The outcomes are completely realized at the onset of a contract. Binary options work as a contract which allow privilege to the buyer, a right which is not an obligation, used to buy an underlying asset within a specified timeline at a particular rate.

The products which are traded through binary options are called as underlying asset. An underlying asset can be any commodity, stock, currency or indices. They have a fixed price rate which is called a strike price and are used for buying or selling.

When it comes to trading, the buyer will choose the option he thinks the underlying assets will likely hit the strike price at a specified time. It happens usually by the end of the nearest hour or the end of a day, but it could be a month or a week’s time too.

A call can be placed on that particular option. If a trader can forecast that for a given expiry date the most likely option for the particular commodity (Forex stock, etc..) will be higher than the current price then the trade buys a “call.” The  trader will place a “put” option if he predicts that by the end expiry time the binary option will offer a lower price than the current one.

These ultimately offer market traders a flexible platform for investment. Forecasts assess direction, and an expiry date allows great control to the owner of the binary option investment. The options solely depend upon the owner’s choice. The only consequence which can affect trading is the ability to get higher or lower rates than the current prices even if it means by one pip.

Binary options promise returns through binary option trade. They are settled upon the onset contract. In a situation when a binary option expire in-the-money, then a buyer can likely receive a profit margin of 65% to 70% upon the investment amount. If it expires out-of-money then a buyer can have 15% payback upon initial investment. That is why binary option trading is preferred for new and old investors alike. Binary options offer great potential gains from an investment which is likely to offset but they also fix potential loss. The owner will not be asked for a cover in case he ends up in out-of-money.

Binary option trading is flexible yet safe for making investments. Unlike traditional trading, it is trading on the basis of performance of an asset. A buyer is not actually the owner of an asset. For instance, a stock option traded in Microsoft – the potential buyer will not be buying Microsoft shares actually, but is opening a contract whether the shares are likely to rise or fall within the specified timeline.

Binary options are unique because they are simpler than many other forms of investments and they are easier to manage as the trader only needs to forecast the right move/direction of an asset or investment. It allows better controls through onset of contracts. The outcomes and possibilities fall under the buyers’ options and preferences.

Binary option trading is highly profitable if the predictions about investments are made in the correct directions. The magnitude of predictions and moves must be relevant in order to receive good profits or a payout. Traders can find the best brokers in the industry here at

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