Using Pivot Points for Range Trading

The way to trade binary options with pivot points is to make use of them the way you do the usual support and resistance levels. Price tends to repeatedly test the pivot point levels. The more a binary options asset hits a pivot point and retraces, the more robust the level is. If a trader […]

Calculating Pivot Points

We are going to learn how to calculate those all-important pivot points that we discussed earlier. The last trading day’s open, close, high and low are used to calculate the pivot point and related support and resistance areas. Certain asset classes like forex have a 24-hour market, but traders still utilize the New York closing […]

Pivot Points for Binary Options Trading

At, we continue to provide some good binary options education every week. Today we get started on a strategy that we will discuss in detail in the weeks ahead: Pivot Points. Market makers and professional traders use pivot points to spot likely support and resistance areas. Essentially, a pivot point together with its support […]

Using Swing Charting to Maximize Profits

Stocks, currency pairs and other binary assets exhibit strong trends. Swing trading is a way for options traders to take advantage of these trends. Actually, swing charting is a common tool that traders use to recognize trends. Let’s take a look at how to draw swing charts and then make use of them to make […]

Harmonic Patterns and Price Action

I’ve been talking a lot about basic chart patterns and as important as these are, what separates the good binary option traders from the great is mastery of advanced trading tools and strategies. Harmonic patterns can be a challenge to learn, but if grasped they can lead to a lot of profits. The biggest edge […]

What to Look for in Stocks

There are much fewer stocks that are made available to you by binary options brokers, but it still helps to have some good screeners that can do the heavy lifting for you. There is a variety of binary trading assets (gold, Dow, EUR/USD) and it’s vital that options traders find the money making stocks quickly. […]

How to Trade Fakeouts

Fake outs can be pretty bad for your trading account especially if you go into a trade not being fully aware of them. At, it is our duty to give you everything you need to know about succeeding in binary options trading. Support and resistance levels are the places where fake outs can usually […]

How to Spot Breakouts

By now, you might have understood how profitable trading breakouts can be. It really helps to get used the breakouts signs when your trading binary options. Let’s now get you conditioned to identify good potential trades fast. Chart patterns are perfect for spotting breakouts. There are easing recognizable make money patterns like the head and […]

Gauging Breakout Strength

We’ve talked about the different types of breakouts. Then there came the issue of fake outs and now we are here to tell you a great way(s) to avoid falling for their trap. Let’s look at each one of these indicators in turn. Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) You’ll need to be good at identifying support and […]

Breakout Types

There are two main breakout types: continuation breakouts and reversal breakouts. It helps to of identify the breakout type to get a sense of the big picture of the market. Breakouts are noteworthy because they point toward a change in the supply and demand of the binary asset you are trading. When the sentiment changes, […]

How to Profit From Trading Breakouts

This is again everything to do with volatility. Trading the news and market events is made much easier when you add technical analysis tools such as this to your toolbox. Breakouts are pretty self-explanatory. They happen when the price breaches a trading range or an area of consolidation. Additionally, a breakout occurs when a particular […]

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands were developed by American financial analyst and author John Bollinger. Bollinger has contributed greatly to the field of technical analysis. His book, Bollinger on Bollinger Bands, has been translated into eight languages. Additionally, his book Capital Growth Letter is a good read for technical analysts. Binary option traders should try to get conversant […]

Measuring Volatility

Volatility can be a binary option trader’s friend or foe. It is something that option traders use to make money by identifying profitable trade breakout opportunities. Volatility is the gauge of all the price movements over an X amount of time and this is utilized to spot likely breakouts. There are actually only a few […]

Market Players outlined in the COT Report

We did talk about going into more detail about the market players outlined in the COT report. And this week, we are here to do that as promised. There are some big players in the futures market and there are those that aren’t as important. So the three basic categories are grouped as follows: Commercial […]

There Is No Holy Grail

After a hard week of trading, it’s that time once again to sit back and review things. This is the much needed quiet time and strategy time that a lot of binary option traders call the secret of their success. This strategy article serves as a warning for those perfectionists out there that are looking […]

Best Binary Options Technical Indicators

So you like binary options and want to make money online trading. You’ve come to the right place. At XForexTrade, the average Joe can make bank with our options trading strategies. In this simple-to-follow guide, XForexTrade introduces you to three of the best stock chart patterns to reap rewards from. You’ll find out how to […]

Investing Psychology: Pride, Hope, Fear, Greed

Emotions can prevent binary options traders from making good profits. Let’s talk about them here. Pride: Know when you’re wrong One important thing to remember is that the market is right a 100% of the time. Pride can be a dangerous emotion for binary option traders. The options trader that thinks he is right and […]

How to Find Leaders? Trading Basics

Trading binary options on stocks can be rather tricky. But after you read this article, it should all start to make sense. Basically, if a stock keeps going up over a 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month period, then investors are very bullish on the stock. At the same time, if a stock price […]

Market Tops and Bottoms

Binary option traders might already know this. The best times to buy calls and puts are those times when market sentiment is at an extreme. If you noticed from your binary trading experience, the speculators and commercial traders tend to do the opposite. Commercial traders buy when the market is bottoming out, but speculators will […]

Global Equity Markets and Currency Pairs

Forex has been one of the most bankable avenues for binary option traders to make money fast. With the weekly and daily high impact reports, the trend in currency pairs has not been too hard to predict. Now we are going to share another strategy that will help gauge pip movement. In other words, indices […]

How to Trade Binary Options with the News

Week after week, I have highlighted the market events to watch for to assist you in your binary options trading. But I want to talk a bit about why the news is the key to putting more money in your pocket when trading binary options. Trade the news to make money fast If you trade […]

The Mental Approach for Successful Binary Options Trading – Part 1

I’ve talked fundamental and technical strategies, but I haven’t said a whole lot on the mental approach. This is actually the most important part for a binary option trader to learn and I thought now would be a good time to go in detail. This is what the weekend is for when there isn’t much […]

The Dividend Discount Model

There was some reference to fundamental strategies too. But I want to shed more light on these highly useful strategies and what better way than to discuss the dividend discount model that is great at finding a stock’s intrinsic value. It is a pretty simple principle behind this strategy. Use the cleanest and most straightforward […]

Fundamental Strategy: Valuation Ratios

We’ve looked at a lot of technical charts in our strategies and I thought it would be helpful to gain a basic understanding of the fundamentals. XForexTrade is always there for guidance and to steer you in the right path when trading binary options. Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio Usually, a higher than average P/E […]

Determining Profit Targets with Ichimoku Trend Trades

A lot of traders have been asking us to post more of our technical indicator techniques, and the Ichimoku Trend is a major one that we really love to use, especially when looking for a trend to enter in on. If you desire to split up the clouds of speculations and identify the methods of […]

Binary Options Tablet Trading – The iPad

Binary Options Tablet Trading – The iPad We looked at binary options mobile trading and it had quite a bit of information on TradeRush mobile for iPhone. In this post, let’s look at the iPad; an option that is fast becoming very convenient for traders. Trading platforms have realized this and are starting to offer […]

Trading Off the Daily Chart

Strategy: Trading Off the Daily Chart Before we go any further, I just want to state here that the “Trading Off the Daily Chart” strategy can be found on Forex Strategies Revealed website. But how it applies to binary options trading is discussed here. Riding the trend has brought up some big profits and in […]

15 Minute Binary Trading Strategy

The Double Red Strategy: Capitalizing on Bearish movements We’ve talked about candlesticks extensively and how they can help with binary option trading. This is a strategy that relies a lot on candlesticks especially the red ones. Double Red Candlesticks IMG As you probably might have deduced, this strategy is all about using binary options to […]

Riding the Trend for New Traders

We have decided to share our options trading techniques recently and have we have been posting some big binary trading results with the riding the trend strategy.  We received lots of comments and e-mails asking if beginner traders with smaller balances could take advantage of this strategy and make money online as well, and the answer […]

Another $2,300 Made with Riding the Trend

Here we go folks, Here’s another fast $2,300 made in just over 60 seconds with the riding the trend strategy that we have already spoken about previously. This one is fresh, and we wanted to make this post fast for you. We talked about how we made serious money – $3,500 with the riding the […]

60 seconds Binary Options: What XForexTrade has to say

If you want to know how to make money fast, then you should look to trade binary options in 60 seconds. Some expert binary option traders are of the opinion that trading binary options in 60 seconds is too risky; the technical charts mostly reflect noise and there are very little (if any) fundamentals involved. […]

Smart Break out Strategy

We’ve had a ton of success here on XForexTrade and we believe in providing high quality and valuable material on this website. Quite frankly, I’ve seen what other sites have to offer in terms of binary options trading guidance and they don’t come close to offering what we do. The paid material on their site […]

$3500 Made in Just Over 60 Seconds

Check it out guys  – here is an excellent example of us taking advantage of the riding the trend strategy with TradeRush binary option platform. We made $3500 in just over 60 seconds of trading. If you want to learn a strategy that can make you money online fast with binary options then this is […]

Four Common Mistakes to Avoid when Trading Binary Options

I know the whole point of being a newbie is to make mistakes and learn from them, and XForexTrade encourages you to experiment and try different ways to make money with binary trading. However, we felt a list of common newbie trader mistakes to avoid would be very useful. 1. Signing up for too many […]

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) for Binary Options Trading

This is a great strategy to trade on binary trading assets that are trading in a tight range. This hardest part is detecting this range and luckily for you we have that covered. A picture might help: MACD Histogram IMG Basically, two levels should be added which are higher and lower than zero on the […]

10 Steps to Becoming A Successful Binary Options Trader

We’ve talked quite a bit about the mental aspect and the emotional control it takes to trade binary options with success. I thought we should dedicate an entire post to detail what constitutes a successful binary option trader and how to become one. Firstly, becoming a binary option ‘market wizard’, entails some phases that you […]

Using the Hammer and Doji Candlestick

Binary trading involves a lot of intra-day trading and with these 60 second options that brokers like TradeRush offer, binary option traders will need to analyze short term charts better. Even when doing extremely short term trades like 60 second binary options, it’s best not to rely only on 1, 2, 3 or 5 minute […]

What Exactly Is a Good Binary Options Strategy?

How to evaluate strategies: What exactly is a good strategy? We’ve discussed quite a few binary trading strategies already. It’s time we gave you a way to evaluate strategies and see which one is right for you. There is something I want our readers to pay attention to closely and it is that all the […]

Revisiting the Floor Trader Strategy

I want to revisit some strategies that I talked about here before to give you some updated information on them and also any trading wins I’ve had with them since I last talked about them. Note that this does not mean that we at XForexTrade have run out of strategies to talk about. It’s just […]

The Binary Options Support Resistance Tool Review

This is not a strategy and it is very important for me to let you’ll know about that from the outset. However, it is a great tool for confirming a strategy that you wish to implement as it helps to gauge price waves better. The Binary Options Support Resistance Tool is just that; it is […]

Binary Options Mobile Trading

The Binary Option Strategy to Trade Anywhere, Anytime Staring at a computer all day long is not only tiring, it’s also not particularly healthy. And for someone like me (I have 3PCs, 2 laptops with 7 monitors right now), trading on a smart phone or tablet is a great way to escape from the monotony […]

Multiple Time Frame Power Strategy

Last week was crazy with all the earnings reports. The thing with financial markets is their erratic movements with the higher lows, lower highs, etc. Sometimes we forget why we do this for a living, but we are always quickly reminded.  Trading binary options allows for you the flexibility and the ability to make money […]

The Floor Trader Strategy

I had some great binary trading picks with currencies (both calls) that I made on the EUR/USD and the USD/JPY when they hit the jackpot on Friday. I was really right on the money (no pun intended) on this one.  This sets the stage for a discussion about today’s strategy that is perfect for trading […]

A Strangle Strategy for Binary Options

A Strangle Strategy for Binary Options: a possible answer for weekend trading troubles We’ve all heard of strangles in financial economics. But how can we bring that into play for binary options trading to help us make money? First, let’s go over briefly what a strangle is for those of you who are hearing it […]

The Fractal Guru Strategy

We’ve done a great deal of binary trading and introduced you to a few basic binary options trading strategies. Today, I am going to take things a step further by talking about the fractal guru strategy which was created by a currency analyst called Navin Prithyani. We’ll explain how the strategy works and the rest […]

The Fibonacci Tool

I’ve been focusing a lot on newbie traders with my last few posts, including the trend is your friend, but I haven’t forgotten all you advanced traders out there. I’ve kept my promise to make a post on the Fibonacci here. The Fibonacci Retracement is great for identifying support and resistance levels. It is through […]

‘The Trend is your Friend’ Strategy

I talked exclusively about Japanese candlesticks in my previous post and it is a great way to make money for those new to options trading. However, as I mentioned in that post it is important to use multiple tools and a number of binary options traders actually use around 10 tools even. There are several […]

Using Japanese candlesticks – A Binary Options Trading Strategy

This strategy is meant for a newbie to binary options trading who wants to quickly begin to make money online with binary options. Using Japanese candlesticks is a great way to trade binary options as traders find this strategy easy to grasp and implement. Virtually all charts utilize Japanese candles nowadays. It has significant predictive […]

Binary Options Tips

As a Forex trader, you already have many of the skills required to trade binary options. These skills include using indicators to forecast price and understanding the behavior of one or more Forex pairs. Forex traders can leverage their experience to add binary options to their trading toolkit. To accomplish this, you need to learn […]

Binary Options Withdrawal Complaints

You may be looking for several search terms on Google so that you get a better scoop on binary options withdrawal procedures:  These are probably them: Traderush withdrawal complaints, Traderush scam, is Traderush legit, Traderush complaints, Traderush sucks, why Traderush sucks 24option withdrawal complaints, 24option scam, is 24option legit, 24option complaints, 24option sucks, why 24option […]

Futures and Options Derivatives

FUTURES AND OPTIONS DERIVATIVES: Derivatives are an instrument to measure value. It is dependent upon an underlying asset. Its worth is derived with the worth of anything. It is simple to understand in FOREX trading. When this derivative definition is applied to FOREX trading we can observe that in FOREX trading numerous forms of derivatives […]

How to be Successful with Option Trading?

HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL WITH OPTION TRADING? FOREX takes a great deal of knowledge and skills. It requires a commitment for forecasting which can generate profits. Trading options are conducted on regular basis by keeping an eye on the goal FOREX demands constant education with the provision of better trading options. FOREX is not magical […]

Successful Trading Options

SUCCESSFUL TRADING OPTIONS Trading options are good mean of developing a profitable enterprise which can bring great profits if it is managed skilfully and well. Mostly options traders and investors prefer stock options trading as it involve reduced level of risks comparative to futures trading or even stocks trading.  Most people would be correct in […]

Cutting Risks by 50% by Using Binary Options Strategies

CUTTING RISKS BY 50% BY USING BINARY OPTIONS STARTEGIES The most common perception regarding binary options is they are meant for speculators, which is incorrect. Binary options are primarily meant to cut risks from trading. This is what we call “hedging.” Binary options strategies offer traders the ability to keep all the profit potential of […]

A Guide to Commodity Trading

Commodity trading is a typical type of trading with large provisions worldwide. It is recognized globally as a means of exchanging commodities. Traditionally commodity trading is conducted on a one-to-one basis. The potential buyer and seller negotiate and bargain in face to face interactions. Today all types of trading are conducted online. Whether it is […]

Most Likely Reason of Failing with Option Trading

Option trading is simple yet a profitable mean of investment. Many traders have faced failures with options trading but have you thought of the possible reasons of it? If not then here are the most possible reasons which can make you aware of your potential mistakes in trading. Option trading provides chances of success to […]

How to Trade Options Successfully

The preferred first choice for trading and making investments is trading options. But obviously, you must be knowledgeable of how to trade options successfully before you execute it practically. Trading options is truly the essence of the stock market and those who want to trade in a well informed manner can easily engage themselves in […]

Brief Guide to Binary Options

Binary options offers fixed return due to two possible outcomes – call and put. The outcomes are completely realized at the onset of a contract. Binary options work as a contract which allow privilege to the buyer, a right which is not an obligation, used to buy an underlying asset within a specified timeline at […]

Online Option Trading Secrets

If you are interested in making a career with Forex investments, now is the time to start with your online option trading account with XForex and make money. The world of currency offers high risk/rewards ratio. Options investments are a great way to financial success, but you need to plan your goals and research markets […]