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OptionBit – The lowest Cost Trading Platform for Binary options trading


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Pretoniria Co. is the company that owns the trading platform known as the Optionbit trading platform. The parent company is registered in Cyprus since 2007. Binary Options Trading Services are provided by Pretoniria to its clients, and these services include a huge variety of financial trading tools and financial instruments.

General Information Summary about Optionbit:         

  • Their Minimum Deposit is $100
  • Their Minimum Trade Amount is $10
  • They accept deposits via major credit cards and also through bank wire.
  • They offer trading in socks, commodities, Currencies and indices

Now let us discuss the special features of Option bit’s options trading platform.

Special Features of Optionbit trading platform

  • The Optionbit trading platform is offering a return of up to 65% – 81%. This is a quite lucrative offer for clients who are interested in binary options trading. However, one should keep in mind that this return offer is not for out-of-the-money options, which might be considered as a downside for this trading platform.
  • There are three types of binary options available. These are as follows:
  1. Digital Trading
  2. Touch Trading
  3. Range Trading
  • The website of Option bit is available in 12 different languages, allowing more people worldwide the ability to trade binary options with Optionbit.
  • Optionbit provides the most famous “extend” and “close now” binary options offered in digital trading type. These options are offered by very few options trading platforms.
  • At the Optionbit trading platform, a trader will also be able to see “my trade box.” This box shows all the current open trades.
  • Options bit offers a free binary trading e-book for those traders who make a deposit at the start of trading.
  • The customer support is available in 12 languages via live chat, email or phone. So traders from all over the world can contact the support center wherever and whenever they need their assistance.

In the special features, we have mentioned three types of binary options available at Option bit. Below we have given a brief explanation of those options.

  1. Digital Trading – This is the most popular kind of binary options that are available in the options market at present. In this type of trading, a binary options trader has to determine whether the rate of a particular asset will increase or decrease from a predetermined strike price by the time of expiration. In this way, the investor will understand the risks and are able to calculate how much money they can win or lose. Thus this binary option is good trading choice in a way that a trader can calculate their risk before they invest their money in options trading.

Extend & Close Feature offered at Option bit:

In digital trading Option bit is also offering the features of “extend” and “close.” This means if the investor thinks that an asset can increase its rate further than he can rollover it to the next expiry date using the extended feature and if he thinks that the risk of an asset has increased so he can close that asset through the close button.

  • Touch Trading – This type of binary option is new in the options market. In this type of trading, a trader has to make a correct prediction if an asset will touch a set strike at any time before the expiry. If the prediction is correct that the trader will be in-the-money, and he will be entitled to a pre-determined payout. This payout is mostly in between 75% – 81%.
  • Range Trading – In this trading option trader has to predict correctly if an asset will expire within a predetermined range. Option bit is the only platform that is offering range trading.

XForex Trade  Opinion:

Considering all the above features Option bit has proven themselves as one of the best choices for binary options traders that are looking to have a successful trading career. Optionbit offer the lowest trading cost and one of the easiest binary options platforms available with the most amount of trading options.


OptionBit, 3.7 out of 5 based on 117 ratings

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