EUR/USD: Draghi comments are key

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi continued to speak in Portugal for a second straight day. The ECB is having its annual conference in Portugal. Traders of the EUR/USD have been watching his comments closely as they are very market moving. As much as his remarks weighed on the Euro, the single bloc currency stayed […]

Does Apple need new Beats?

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been losing profits because its iPhones aren’t selling like they used to in emerging markets like China and India. The smartphone itself is becoming something of a commodity in these parts of the world. Keep in mind, that developing economies are getting their own brands that can manufacture these smartphones and […]

Facebook headed to $100? Competition with Google

Twitter was the new emerging technology. Moreover, the Twitter IPO although not as big as Facebook’s, definitely went down as the more successful one. But instead of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) copying Twitter, it’s the other way round with Twitter looking more and more like Facebook. The new Twitter seems to declare that Facebook has the […]

Amazon's Third-Party Vendors Sell More Than 1 Billion Items Last Year (NASDAQ:AMZN) stated that third-party retailers in its Marketplace had a trailblazing 2013 by selling over 1 billion items globally valued in the “tens of billions of dollars”. The internet retail giant announced that the number of Marketplace vendors selling through its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service rose 65% last year. Amazon Marketplace is a […]

EUR/USD Weekly Update

Last Friday the greenback fell from its five-week highs versus the shared European currency. This was following a data release from the U.S. regarding jobs that slightly missed estimates. As for the EUR/USD, it closed trading down 0.12% to the 1.3703 level. Earlier, the major currency pair had even hovered at the 1.3673 level. The […]

Global Indices Snapshot

Dow, S&P record highs following jobs report The U.S. economy added 192,000 jobs last month as hiring shot up in the past couple of months. What is more, the jobs reports in January and February were also rather encouraging. Another good sign is that more people are now partaking in the job search. This is […]

Binary Options Today

U.S. Households remain anxious Some bad news was in store for investors as Europe’s leading macro-strategy provider Absolute Strategy Research revealed in a poll that 36% of survey respondents felt that the U.S. economy was in a depression or recession. This is despite already going 5 years into an economic recovery. The financial situation is […]

Binary Options Trading on the USD/JPY

On Friday, the Japanese yen ended the weekly session at two-week highs versus the greenback. Increasing tensions between Russia and the West over the turmoil in Ukraine has contributed to the appreciation of the USD/JPY. Additionally, there has been apprehension over sluggish growth in China. USD/JPY was down 0.44% to the 101.34 level as it […]

USD/JPY: Opportunities This Week

The greenback jumped to a six-week high against the Japanese yen following a U.S. February employment report beat expectations. The USD/JPY surged to a two-week high rising to the 103.75 level prior to settling at 103.24. The major currency pair has gained 1.81% for the week. Support for the pair appears to be at the […]

EUR/USD: Data Outlook and Fundamentals

On Friday, the Euro dropped from two-and-a-half year highs versus the U.S. dollar following a jobs data release for the month of February. The February report beat views. The EUR/USD closed Friday’s session at the 1.3877 level, up 0.12% for the day. The major currency pair surged to almost 1.3915 earlier in the session. This […]

Gold Drops from 17-week Highs as Ukraine Chaos Lightens

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that there was no urgent need to send armed forces into Ukraine. This bit of news sent gold futures down from their 17-week highs. The demand for the safe-haven asset has reduced by quite a bit. Putin has shown in his public remarks that he is less willing to use […]

U.S. Labor Market Will Dictate USD/JPY Volatility

The greenback dropped to two-week lows against the Japanese yen in Friday’s session. This was following the disappointing U.S. Q4 growth data release. The yen was further pinpointed by the turmoil in Ukraine and the weaker Chinese yuan. Basically, the yen benefitted of safe-haven demand. The USD/JPY dropped to a session low of 101.54 – […]

U.S. Labor Market and Euro zone Interest Rate Decision to Impact EUR/USD This Week

On Friday, the Euro jumped to two-month highs against the greenback following a data release that noted that U.S. growth was revised down in Q4. Additionally, EU inflation surged more than forecasted last month. The EUR/USD rose to a session high of 1.3824 – a two month high. But it then dropped to the 1.3801 […]

Time to buy Calls on the Nasdaq and the S&P 500?

Nasdaq stalls for a bit The Nasdaq had racked up early gains on Wednesday, but it then eased in the late session. The tech-heavy index was up 1% overall for the day. The Nasdaq did hit a 52-week high prior to a stalling session causing the composite index to close in the lower half of […]

Global Economy Today: Divergent Data Releases

Texas factories continue to expand The Dallas Fed’s manufacturing production index grew to 10.8 this month from 7.1 in the prior month. Several sub-gauges were quite strong, including shipments, new orders and capacity utilization. Employment keeps growing and the workweek expanded to its highest since July 2013. However, the general business activity index dropped from […]

EUR/USD This Week

The greenback fell against the Euro following the disappointing U.S. existing home sales data. The data point declined by 5.1% last month (weaker-than-expected), dipping to an 18-month low. Last week was one that saw many negative macro releases like this. During Friday’s session, the EUR/USD surged to the 1.3739 level, up 0.15%. While this was […]

Facebook Purchases WhatsApp for $19 Billion: Good or Bad?

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has maintained that mobile is the next frontier. Hence, the social media giant has felt that buying the instant messaging service WhatsApp is the prudent thing to do. Facebook is also looking to extend its presence over in Europe and in emerging markets. WhatsApp is a pretty big deal in developing economies like […]

EUR/USD Rose to a Three-Week in Friday’s Session

On Friday, the euro jumped to three-week highs against the greenback on the back of a stronger-than-expected EU Q4 growth data. It appears that the Euro zone is clearly in recovery mode. The EUR/USD touched the 1.3715 level, the highest since January 27. Earlier, it had soared 0.09% to 1.3691. This major currency pair has […]

U.S. Economy Today

Bullard: Fed should embrace ‘traditional’ monetary policy again St. Louis Fed President James Bullard opined that the central bank will have to “make more qualitative judgments” on the timing of policy tightening. The Fed is faced with a big debate about what to do about threshold levels that are becoming less relevant. At the moment, […]

New Fed Chief Yellen will Keep Taper going at Current Pace

The U.S. Federal Reserve is looking to maintain its expected pace of asset purchase tapering that it got started back in December. Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen told Congress yesterday that there wasn’t much reason to deviate from the timeline penned down. No Rush for Rate Hike Employers added 113,000 jobs in January, but this marked […]

U.S. Economy Looking Better

Cash home sales plunged The analytics and business intelligence company CoreLogic said that in November cash sales made up 38.9% of total home sales. This figure was down from the 42.3% reading a year earlier. Actually, cash sales accounted for only 25% of all sales prior to the housing crisis. The fraction of homes that […]

Binary Market Updates

Here is your daily digest that will help you assess the market temperature. This is crucial for successful binary options trading. Jobless Rate drops to 6.6% The numbers can be rather misleading as much of the decline was due to the weaker labor force participation rate since the height of the Great Recession. Overall hiring […]

Market in Correction

Equities regained only some of the losses suffered on Monday in yesterday’s trading. The market still appears to be a in a shaky shape. The Nasdaq was initially trading at the 4000 price level, but it has since shot back 0.9%. The 4000 price level served as support last month. Nonetheless, it’s a bit too […]

Key Macro Data Releases

Here is some important economy news to help guide your binary options trading for today and this week in general. Puerto Rico debt rated as junk Standard & Poor’s downgraded Puerto Rico’s credit rating by 1 notch, placing it now under investment grade. The U.S. territory’s municipal debt is widely held by mutual funds across […]

Trade Recap: Fed Outcome, Etc

I decided to trade binary options on the USD/JPY last week as it looked the most promising to make profits, but let’s take a look at how our EUR/USD and GBP/USD predictions did. In Thursday trading, the EUR/USD fell sharply, as the pair shed as much as 100 points on the day. Then on Friday, the euro […]

Yahoo Shares Should Rise with Imminent Alibaba IPO

The tech world braces for the biggest IPO ever. Alibaba Group is described as bigger than Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and eBay (NASDAQ:eBay) with elements of Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and PayPal. Alibaba had humble beginnings being founded by Jack Ma in his apartment in 1999. It was initially a business-to-business e-commerce website, but it currently consists of nine […]

GBP/USD Steady at 1.6580, but should be volatile

The GBP/USD was trading at the 1.6580 level, a point of consolidation prior to the significant FOMC meeting. FOMC to be very closely watched It is going to be the USD in the pair that will set of fluctuations going forward today as there isn’t anything significant on the U.K. calendar. There is a Nationwide […]

EUR/USD: Wednesday’s Fed Meeting Crucial

The Euro dropped further versus the greenback on Friday, as a sell-off in equities and emerging market currencies boosted demand for safe haven assets. The Euro closed Friday’s session a little lower against the greenback, with the EUR/USD dropping 0.17% to the 1.3676 level, following a rise to the three-week high of 1.3738 previously. As […]

Binary Options: The Forecast for Today

Some good news for Apple Activist investor Carl Icahn stated that purchased $500 million in Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) over the past 2 weeks, pushing up his stake in the Cupertino, CA based tech giant to over $3 billion. He has kept trying to convince Apple management to return cash to the investors. A federal district judge […]

What to Watch for Today

There has been some developments in the banking world and also positive signals from the U.S. job market. Hires jumped up, while layoffs dropped to a fresh low. One great thing was that quits rose showing that workers were more confident that they could get newer and better jobs. Global Economy Updates U.S. Consumer Confidence […]

Time to be Bullish on Gold Again

Although, I am not that bullish on gold in 2014 given the tapering timeline and other encouraging macro data, there are always those temporary periods where I change my stance. I feel that today and the next couple of days of trading will be a good time to lock in some daily calls on gold. […]

Daily Binary Options Digest

At, we serve options traders by giving them timely information that helps them maximize profits by trading binary options. Today we cover WTI Crude Oil, Netflix and Facebook. Retail Sales Beat Forecasts Leading to a rise in WTI Crude prices West Texas Intermediate crude surged as U.S. retail sales exceeded forecasts. Additionally, oil inventory […]

USD/JPY: Decline Might Persist This Week

The greenback dropped to a two-week low against the Yen in intraday trading on Friday. This was following the U.S. job data release which showed that the jobs added missed expectations in December. The USD/JPY declined to the lowest level since December 23 when it plunged to the 103.95 level. According to the U.S. Labor […]

Gold Little Changed Following 2-Day Drop

Gold treads water today after plunging in the last couple of sessions. U.S. macro data continues to be robust and this has seen the demand for the precious metal as a store of value take a fall. At the moment, investors are waiting for more hints on the health of world’s biggest economy. Markets were […]

Fed is Expected to End Bond Purchases by October 2014

San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President John Williams stated that things were “looking up” for the U.S. economy and growth could hit a nice 3% rate over the next couple of years. Williams went on to state that the U.S. economy is not where it should be, but it’s very much on the road to […]

Gold About to Record its Biggest Annual Loss in 3 Decades

Gold rebounded from the worst yearly retreat since 1981. Nonetheless, the precious metal is expected to continue in a downtrend this year. It has been the U.S. stock rally combined with the robust economic recovery that has reduced the demand for the shiny yellow metal. For 2013, bullion fell nearly 30%. Gold still under pressure […]

EUR/USD Weekly Coverage

On Friday, the Euro soared to a two-year high against the greenback. There wasn’t much liquidity in the market following the European Central Bank Governing Council member Jens Weidmann’s statement that low interest rates may jeopardize political reforms. In Germany’s Bild newspaper, Weidmann was quoted as saying that “We must take care to raise interest […]

Which Way Will The Stock Market Swing Today?

Yesterday was quite a significant day for traders. It was a day that was most likely going to be an up day for the S&P 500 according to some good research done by the Bespoke Investment Group. Going back to 1945, the S&P 500 has generated a positive return nearly 80% of the time for […]

S&P Downgrades EU Credit Rating from AAA to AA+

The S&P had cut the credit rating for the Euro zone just a few hours ago. Nonetheless, the credit ratings agency issued a stable outlook for the region. Why has the S&P done this now? The credit ratings agency feels that the bloc’s creditworthiness has weakened. Additionally, the 28 member states aren’t as cohesive these […]

EUR/USD at 1-week low following Fed Taper Surprise

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) declared yesterday that the U.S. Federal Reserve will scale back its bond buying to $75 billion a month. This shows that they have finally come to a consensus that the U.S. economy is strong enough. This new decision will go into effect from January next year with an equivalent […]

2014 Currencies Preview

The U.S. Federal Reserve seems to the only central bank in the world that is expected to implement some changes. Over in Europe and in Japan, it is projected that central banks will keep the interest rates artificially low and pump even more cash into the financial system. The European Central Bank (ECB) and the […]

Currency Action So Far

Today, the U.S. dollar traded in a narrow range with very little activity. There have been some important economic releases and events, but with the prevalent holiday mood traders shouldn’t really expect much. There should be some volatility after tomorrow’s FOMC decision. Traders for the USD and related currency pairs had an interesting North American […]

Why I’m Buying Calls on eBay Inc

eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) is no longer an online auction site. The global tech giant is now a full service e-commerce operation. eBay offers services to big-name retailers by making their online retailing business better. Additionally, the company offers safe, fast and suitable schemes for online payment to millions of people and is endlessly standing out […]

Weekly Market Analysis

I’ve always loved trading binary options on indices as they capture the bigger picture which is relatively easier to predict. Bullard insinuates on a small cut back in bond buying According to St. Louis Fed President James Bullard the possibility of a taper has risen despite inflation being under the central bank’s target. If there […]

U.S. Equities Up on Low Volume, Despite Robust Data

U.S. stocks have continued to be rather erratic with some recent good gains to close the trading week on Friday. Nonetheless, the stock market is on a confirmed uptrend. I knew this was coming and then the inevitable pullback this week was a good time to buy calls especially with the bullish holiday season underway. […]

Gold Declines in the Midst of Fed Taper Talk

Gold has now fallen for the third time in four days as improving U.S. economic data reinforced fears for gold investors that U.S. Federal Reserve will start aggressively scaling back on the massive bond buying. If a taper were to happen soon, precious metals will lose their demand. As the Fed kept pumping money into […]

Apple completes long-awaited China Mobile deal

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) and China Mobile Ltd. (NYSE:CHL) have signed a deal and now the Chinese mobile telecommunications giant is going to offer the iPhone. China is the world’s largest mobile market and this deal will have a revitalizing effect on iPhone sales. It is just what Apple needs at this time with heavy competition […]

Don’t Fret: Correction is a good time to buy calls on U.S. indices

It has been a rough start to the week for U.S. stock market investors. It seems like an ambiguous time to invest in the stock market with the Nasdaq dropping 0.2% and the S&P 500 falling 0.3% to close below the 1,800 level. But even with the correction, the market still appears to be in […]

Internet Retailers should see Skyrocketing Sales

In the U.S., internet retailers are getting more and more of the holiday shopping pie. Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) and eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) lead the way in North America and across the globe. Emerging markets are also seeing a fast-growing internet landscape and Vipshop Holdings Limited (NYSE:VIPS) is a name to look for in China. Brick-and-mortar […]

Getting Around the Bitcoin Fad

The more I analyze the Bitcoin phenomenon, the more things that crop up that I need to talk about. There is a definite Bitcoin fad going on now. A lot of investors in the world today may have really decided to take notice after the Senate hearing where currencies like Bitcoin were discussed. It sent […]

Stock Market Investors in a Cheery mood after Thanksgiving

We are going into a holiday season which is go time for retailers and a period of reflection for analysts who will offer their predictions for the next year. I am here to tell you that the market is likely going up in 2014. But then again this is a safe prediction to make as […]

Richard Branson Endorses Bitcoin: Will it Be a Gamechanger?

This has been one of the big developments in the world of binary options trading. Bitcoin appears to be taking hold and Bitcoin is being traded a lot more by options traders. Analysts even envision a future where Bitcoins could be a payment method offered by binary trading brokers. As for me, I am still […]

Binary Trading Recap: Apple Wins $290 Million From Samsung, EUR/AUD Highly Volatile

At, we share our binary options trading for all to see. This week you can see how exactly our trading tips and strategies have been making us money. EUR/USD: Wednesday’s FOMC minutes saw the greenback pop Fundamentally speaking, the best way to approach this trade was to look to buy calls with an hourly […]

Copper Futures Strengthened by Robust European Car Sales

When European car sales increase, it typically leads to a steady rise in demand for copper. The metal surged for the third time in four sessions as the Brussels-based European Automobile Manufacturers Association reported on Tuesday that October registrations went up 4.6% from the prior year. As for September, the sales rose 5.5%. The next […]’s Revenue Growth Steps Up in Q3 (NYSE:CRM) earned 9 cents a share ex items in Q3 meeting expectations and a penny more than the year-ago quarter. The customer relationship-management software maker reported revenues of $1.08 billion, up 36%. This beat views by a bit. The on-demand software pioneer’s EPS outlook lags views estimates that its adjusted Q4 EPS will […]

Action packed week ahead for the EUR/USD

The Euro surged against the greenback as the Janet Yellen testimony was seen by investors as very accommodating of the Fed’s massive bond buying program. Yellen stated it was “imperative” that the U.S. central bank does all it can to strengthen the recovery of the U.S. economy. She went on to say that a taper […]

Japanese Investors Wary over Abenomics

Abenomics is being criticized quite a bit and now we have news that growth has halved in Q3. But I am here to say that Abenomics has done better than expected. Japan is a mature economy and because of Abenomics the economy has grown an amazing 4% in the first part of 2013. This was […]

Billionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson is Bearish on Gold

In Q2 of this year, John Paulson decided to sell off more than half of his gold holdings. There was no change in his position in Q3 and this is significant as his company, Paulson & Co., is the largest investor in the SPDR Gold Trust. Paulson & Co. wrote that the risk of “high […]

Market on a Confirmed Uptrend as S&P closes at Record high

The S&P 500 surged to an all time high after logging its fifth straight distribution day at the close on Tuesday. Market watchers are once again bullish on the outlook for the U.S. indices and financial markets. Wednesday’s action saw strong gains on increased volume The S&P 500 cleared a two week region of price […]

Internet Content is Hot Right Now

The internet content industry has been quite the story this year up 62.40% YTD and the industry stocks are soaring this week. As a binary option trader, I would look to trade some of these stocks. Here are some of the companies making headlines today. Yahoo preps for domain fire sale The search giant stated […]

Trading Indices Today

There have been some important economic developments on Tuesday that will act as a guide in your trading of S&P, Dow, DAX and other global indices. Let’s take a look at some of the financial news that will impact the markets today. Small Business Optimism down following Shutdown According to official data from the National […]

Internet Companies have spent 55% more on capital in 2013

Just as the internet sector got rated down yesterday as a result of outperformance, comes this news about the skyrocketing capital spending that these internet firms are indulging in. Analysts expect capital spending at Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) to soar as much as 55% this year. Capital spending should go up 22% […]

Google falls further; Twitter rebounds

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) was removed from Morgan Stanley’s Best Idea List and this resulted in it edging lower during trading today. As for the other big tech story, Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) has rebounded after sliding 8% since its glorious IPO finish. Internet content will continue to be a great bet We have been extremely […]

Your Weekly EUR/USD Post

It has been another interesting end to the week for the EUR/USD currency pair. The Euro fell quite a bit against the greenback, declining 1.12% for the week, after a better-than-expected U.S. October jobs report. This has reinforced expectations that the U.S. central bank may look to taper starting in December. The EUR/USD closed Friday’s […]

ECB Reduces Rates in Unexpected Move to strengthen EU Growth

The Euro zone is out of recession, but the European Central Bank (ECB) still had reason to cut interest rates. The Euro declined and this is should increase exports for the region. This ECB refinance rate is at a new low in an attempt to boost the Euro-Area economy. Nonetheless, stocks weren’t really impacted by […]

Time to be Cautious with Twitter?

The Twitter IPO exceeded expectations as it became a success on the back of investors being extremely bullish on internet content firms and the microblogging sector as a whole. The social media site soared 73% as it debuted on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday. Mobile ad profit potential Internet content sites like Twitter […]

Is the Stock Market Heading back down?

The stock market has continued to soar over the past few weeks. We keep wondering when the apex will be reached before there is a fall. I am here to tell you that it is time to be cautious. I really feel the days when you placed a call on the S&P 500 and the […]

Precious Metals Ease on Fed policy talk, ECB Upcoming Rate Announcement

It appears that gold buyers are active around $1,300 per ounce, with some short covering. Senior Fed policymakers state that tapering doesn’t need to happen soon. Additionally, Indian gold demand actually fell during the big Diwali festival over the weekend. On Monday, gold prices closed almost flat in light trade, propelled by a falling greenback […]

Factories Hot – Auto Sales Speed Up in October

The shutdown appears to have had minimal impact. Looking at ISM manufacturing index, the figures are the highest since 2011. This points to a chance of more taper talk as we close this year. Manufacturing grew the fastest in 2-1/2 years The U.S. economy has been expanding despite the damaging effects of the 16-day government […]

EUR/USD Weekly Outlook

The U.S. dollar gained against the Euro as the U.S. manufacturing data came out stronger than expected and market watchers were optimistic that there could very well be a January taper. Additionally, the anticipation that the European Central Bank could likely cut rates put downward pressure on the Euro. This came after EU inflation dropped […]

Web Content Providers on a Roll

Tech stocks mostly lagged for the first part of this year. But in recent weeks, there has been quite the correction especially among large cap tech stocks. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Google Inc (Nasdaq:GOOG) and Baidu Inc (NASDAQ:BIDU) are emerging as the leaders and they show immense potential. The next battle is for quality screen time […]

Facebook Will Continue To Be A Good Candidate For Calls

We had Facebook earnings out yesterday after the bell. I did talk extensively about how Facebook’s mobile ad ROI was up an astronomic 152%. It was this mobile ad growth that carried Facebook past Q3 forecasts. Technically speaking, I like how FB looks. It seemed to me that yesterday’s dip after the Chief Financial Officer […]

Equity Indexes Declined in Mixed Trade as Stock Leaders Fall

During Wednesday’s trading session, there was a mixed volume as equities fell after a slight gain. As a result, the major indexes had some losses. Heavy selling led to some leading growth stocks plummeting even as a lot of them rallied. The S&P 500 slid 0.5% despite the index itself hitting new highs in the […]

Market Moving Events

At this time of writing, U.S. Retail Sales will already have been out. The forecast is for 0.0% which will be a decline from the earlier month’s estimate of 0.2%. It will be interesting to see if there is a beat as this will have implications for the FOMC meeting on Wednesday. Anyway, let’s go […]

Major Currency Pairs Weekly Outlook

Let’s take a look at the three major currency pairs this week: EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD. EUR/USD slides due to U.S. production report upside surprise The Euro fell back from two-year highs against the greenback yesterday. This was because U.S. macro data showed that there was more output at U.S. factories and mines than expected. […]

Trade 60 second Options on Apple Today

Apple has been a darling among 25-34 year olds who have lapped up the iPad and iPhone product lines. As popular as the stock is, it has also broken a lot of hearts. After soaring over $700, the stock dropped back below $400 before settling at just over $500. My current concern for Q4 earnings […]

Carl Icahn considers Apple a cult stock

Carl Icahn started off the magic for Apple with a tweet about why he was bullish about the stock. The shares jumped and this was a big headline on Wall Street. Since then Icahn has continued to have an effect on Apple shares with the most recent development being the letter that he sent out […]

Boeing Long-Term Prospects Look Rosy

Boeing’s Q3 Earnings in Brief Profit rose to $1.2 billion, or $1.51 per share, up 12%. Last year, profit was $1.0 billion, or $1.35 per share. Excluding items, adjusted profit was $1.80 per share (analysts expected $1.51 per share). Revenue surged 10.5% from 2012 to $22.1 billion, exceeding analyst estimates of $21.7 billion. Full-year guidance […]

Amazon Earnings Preview (NASDAQ:AMZN) will report earnings at 5:00pm ET today. It is projected that the internet retailer will have better growth than the rest of the e-commerce market. Nonetheless, the growth rate won’t be as fast as the one recorded for Q3 2012. This is mainly due to Amazon growing extremely large and the sluggish growth […]

Apple Event Was A Good One For Us

There was some volatility in Apple stock yesterday during the event in San Francisco. When Apple revealed the iPad Air, the stock price immediately rose rapidly to $518ish. I did not get it right initially as it is always rather difficult to gauge market sentiment accurately. But then when the stock started to tumble, I […]

The Day in Binary Options

Markets Take a Breather U.S. stocks were mostly flat on Monday as the markets digested the huge rallies in the earlier week. The Nasdaq rose slightly by 0.1% along with the S&P 500 that inched to a new high. The Dow fell a tad as volume was fairly low across the board. In more macro […]

How Will Gold and Silver Do This Week?

The Federal Reserve and its decision whether or not to taper has been having quite the effect on gold prices. Gold futures closed Friday’s session lower. Still, prices should bounce from support levels because of speculation the Fed will keep its asset purchase program well into 2014 as the economy has gone through some strife […]


On Friday, the Euro gained against the U.S. dollar and hit an eight-month high. This was because there were fears that the Fed could delay tapering after the economic damage caused by the government shutdown. The EUR/USD closed Friday’s session 0.07% higher for the day at 1.3684. This was after touching 1.3703 – a February […]

Netflix Earnings Preview

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) has had an impressive run over the last year going to $333.50 from $54 giving shareholders a return over 500%. The gain has been mainly because of the streaming business and the pursuit for some of the future expected cash flows by investors. But is the stock already trading at an elevated level? […]

Important Financial News

Here is your weekly dose of noteworthy financial news so that you can trade binary options with poise. U.S. Macro Data Weak As Equities End Week On A High Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) gave the Nasdaq a boost as it went up 1.3% on Friday and closed the week up 3%. This is actually its highest level […]

Facebook Ad ROI Is At 152%

The online ad market is flourishing and many experts opine that it has a long way to go. I’d like to draw your attention to an article I posted on Facebook way back on June 21st, 2012 when news outlets and everyone was dumping on the social media giant and it was priced at around […]

Google Stock Bounces Of Flat Base

Shares of Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) rose 8% after increasing profits beat Street estimates. It was indeed a good time to trade calls in after-hours during Thursday’s session. Q3 earnings and revenue surpassed estimates because ad clicks surged to the highest percentage in four quarters. EPS up 21% The search leader reported EPS minus items of […]

Google Earnings Preview

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) will report Q3 earnings today after the bell. Analysts are bullish as ad growth continues to be robust. Google is king in the world of smart phones and its Android software is now being used by nearly 80% of the world’s smart phones. Samsung OS Threat But there is a threat that […]

The All Important Economic Calendar

This is your quick and convenient guide to market moving economic releases for the week ahead. We also give you a review about how financial markets reacted in the past to these market events and how they’re projected to act next. Wednesday, October 16 U.K. Labor Market Report – 4:30am ET Labor market statistics measure […]

Make Money With Precious Metals

Precious metals declined for the second straight week dipping 2.9% for the week. On Friday, gold futures slumped to a three-month low as the shiny yellow metal lost its safe-haven value. This was because investors were optimistic that U.S. lawmakers would come to an agreement on the U.S debt ceiling issue before the deadline in […]

Stocks To Watch Tuesday

I’ll give you a list of some stocks to watch and it will be based on earnings report releases. I hope some of the coverage I give you will allow you to confidently trade binary options on these stocks tomorrow. Additionally, I will add an opinion that I have on where the respective stock prices […]

Should Be Another Eventful Week For The EUR/USD

The EUR/USD is a favorite among binary option traders with myself included. Let’s take a look at what the week holds and how we can make bank. Last Friday, the Euro climbed against the greenback as investors became optimistic for an agreement on the U.S. budget and the debt ceiling crisis. It is going to […]

USD/JPY Down in Asian Trade

On Sunday, the USD/JPY was lower as the U.S. dollar fell against the Japanese Yen. The USD/JPY was trading at 98.25, down 0.32% at the time of writing. Tuesday’s low of 96.67 seems to be the likely level of support for the major currency pair. Friday’s high of 98.60 is the pair’s resistance. All this […]

Binary Trading Recap

It’s always nice to look back and see how we did during a particular day. Let’s look at what has been quite an eventful day so far for binary option traders. There were a lot of important releases. There were the earnings releases with Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) kicking off bank earnings by posting […]

Binary Options Today

Here are some binary option trades to keep in mind as we go into what appears to be a bull market today. S&P 500: Good opportunities to make money for bulls Today, U.S. stock index futures rose as investors were optimistic that a deal would be made in Washington. According to a Republican leadership aide, U.S. House […]

Market Events To Watch

Trading the news and high impact market events can be very good for your binary options trading balance. October FOMC Meeting Minutes will get more scrutiny Due to the partial U.S. government shutdown, macro data releases are being suspended. So this market event will be something that traders will be really focused on because there […]

Precious Metals Today

On Friday, gold prices kept declining as investors reduced buying of the precious metal as the U.S. government shutdown dragged on with no apparent end in sight. There were no key indicators due because of this and market participants are more or less left in the dark when it comes to commodities. During U.S. afternoon […]

USD/JPY: A lot of Downward Pressure

At the opening bell in Asia, the USD/JPY fell and stayed below the 97.40 level in spite of a slight retracement just before Tokyo’s opening. Sensing the political risks in Washington, investors should be looking to play their cards thoughtfully in what could be a debt-crisis ridden October. Democrats and Republicans have the US in a shutdown […]

EUR/USD: Continue to Be Bullish

I talked about why it was necessary to be bullish on the EUR/USD and this week there is even more reason to continue to be so. We still have not reached a market top it appears. Interestingly, analysts are even expecting an overshoot in the EUR/USD. The reasons are simple. Investors are confused about Fed […]

Some Bear Stocks

Here are some stocks that seem to be in a downtrend as of late that binary option bears can capitalize on. Again, remember to spot the trend and ride it for best results. Blackberry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY): $965 million loss for Q2 The latest from the failed smartphone maker is that restructuring costs have quadrupled to […]

Crude oil: The Week Ahead

On Friday, New York-traded crude oil futures closed at an 11-week low with growing worries over a likely U.S. government shutdown. There was also less fear over a supply disruption from the Middle East which put further downward pressure.  On the New York Mercantile Exchange, light sweet crude futures for delivery in November fell 0.15% […]

USD/JPY Slips on Yen Safe-haven Buying, Mixed Data

I managed to make some good money today after the Tankan survey came out showing an improving Japanese economy. The USD/JPY was on a downtrend and I was able to make good use of our great strategy on how to make money online with binary options. I started as always with a $5 bet predicting […]

Weekly Report on Gold and Silver

Gold prices spiked to three-week highs driven by a strong global trend. Furthermore, silver ended higher on increased demand from coin makers and industrial units. Gold rose to a one-week high of $ 1,345.20 in New York. There is strong festive season demand and the yellow metal recovered after a volatile week due to alternate […]

A Possible Shutdown of the U.S. Government?

This could spark a major stock market decline as the markets open on Monday. Spending negotiations are ongoing in Washington and a last minute compromise appears to be quite unlikely. Early on Sunday, the House of Representatives voted for an emergency spending bill that attempts to holdup the healthcare reform law passed by President Obama. […]

Global Indices

Let’s discuss some of the global indices for this week. I do want to add that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party won general elections on Sunday as expected, giving her a record third term in office. This is going to be great for the DAX long term as I noted in previous binary articles. DAX: […]

Leisure Stocks To Make Money Off

The Leisure industry is one of the top performing industries currently (its right up there with the social internet sector) and TradeRush gives binary options traders the chance to buy calls and puts of three of the biggest names. Let’s explore some of these names and see how best to trade binary options on them. […]

EUR/USD: Be Bullish

On Friday, disappointing U.S. consumer sentiment data saw to it that the euro gained on the U.S. dollar. This was after the EUR/USD stayed in range under 1.3568 before the temporary top. Growing U.S. budget concerns have kept dominating market sentiment after Republican leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives rebuffed President Obama’s demand for […]

Binary Options Trading Hot Picks

I made some money on Google today with the 60 seconds binary options trading feature on TradeRush. When done right, it can be a great way to grow your options trading account. I urge you to check out some of our binary trading tips and strategies articles on how we making money online with 60 […]

Commodity Binary Options

Fed stimulus bets have been the catalyst for gold futures falling for the third consecutive session. Gold has been held up by the generous stimulus program and with the concerns of a taper, it predictably saw demand for gold fall. The demand for gold is basically derived from its use as a store of value […]

Large Cap Tech Stock Picks

This is an exciting time to be a large cap tech stock binary option trader. Brokerages are bullish on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) and the latest tech darling Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB). Apple Inc.: 24 “strong buys” and 4 “buy” endorsements Barclays and Goldman Sachs have hiked their price targets for Apple […]

Gold/Silver Binary Option Trading

The gains that gold made are short-lived according to many reputed Wall Street analysts. And you guessed it, silver will suffer the same fate. Gold had gotten a short reprieve from the no-taper announcement by the Fed and now it is widely expected to see gold prices at under $1,250 per ounce – the forecasted […]

Forex Daily

So how has the forex market been doing. Let’s take a look at some of the major currency pairs. USD/JPY likely going over 100 I was expecting something close to 103 for the USD/JPY, and the FOMC took it closer to that level. 98 seemed like a long-term support a week back and now the […]

USD/JPY: Week Ahead

On Friday, the dollar hit a one-week high against the yen. This was after a senior Federal Reserve official indicated that the central bank could likely begin to taper in October. During an interview on Bloomberg television, St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard stated that the no-taper decision was a close call and did […]

Commitment of Traders Report

The Commitment of Traders Report is used to measure volume and a binary options trader is better able to measure market sentiment. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) publishes the Commitment of Traders report, or COT, every Friday, around 2:30PM EST. The COT is a wonderful resource for binary option traders to measure how heavily […]

How Will Global Indices Move?

The Fed announcement on tapering came in and it flew in the face of analyst expectations. Binary options traders were quickly figuring out what to do amidst all the noise. The best thing to do would have been to be bullish on the U.S. indices and the U.S. dollar. The S&P 500 and the Russell […]

Take on Gold This Week

One of the best ways to predict future performance is to look at past performance. In the case of gold, let’s see how it has been doing in the recent past (the last couple of weeks). To kick of the month of September, gold lost its shine to some extent tensions in Syria eased to […]

A Heads Up on Wednesday’s Fed announcement on Tapering

Binary option traders are going to be closely watching what happens on Wednesday by the looks of things. The big concern for investors is that such a large stimulus program buttressed by the Fed being scaled back would send shock waves through the markets. However, from the looks of thing it appears as though bond […]

Apple: What Does The ‘Golden Cross’ Signify

It seems like analyst downgrades are going to be defied again. This time it is Apple’s technical charts that tell the story. The fact is that Apple is a great company that has a lot of value. And we have famed corporate raider Carl Icahn to confirm that for us. So for those bullish on […]

How is Mr. Market Feeling?

This post is going to give you an education on market sentiment. There is always some psychology that has been associated with the markets and this has been true ever since the financial markets have been in existence. When a binary option trader understands market sentiment, he or she can be a much better trader […]

Time To Be Bearish on Netflix

Binary option traders that have been smart in buying puts on Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) in the past 3 days can continue to ride this pick in the coming week. Ever since Morgan Stanley downgraded the internet subscription service stock on Wednesday, the stock has started to slide and its bearish momentum continued until an upswing to […]

USD/JPY heading above 103?

Global equities have generally been surging ahead as there is now a plan in place to hand the Syrian chemical weapons over to an international agency. There doesn’t seem to be any need for U.S. military action in Syria as this international agency will supervise the destruction of the chemical weapons. Therefore, the bears are […]

Gold prices should move sideways in the coming days

With the FOMC meeting on September approaching fast, gold should fall slightly first, before climbing again as the Fed is expected to taper. Secondly, the geopolitical tensions will also decline. On the FOMC meeting days (September 17-18*), I imagine nevertheless strong volatility because a lot of hedge funds will make their bets just before the […]

Microsoft- Seems like a good time to be Bullish

Exactly a week ago, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced that it is has agreed to buy Nokia’s (NYSE: NOK) mobile phone business as part of an overall deal totalling $7.2B. Nokia’s former CEO Stephen Elop and other top executives will join Microsoft as part of the deal. Nokia and Microsoft’s stock prices have been on the […]

Weekly Forex

The U.S. dollar had a pretty strong week to finish off the month of August. The macro data out of the U.S. has been good and today was no different. The U.S. manufacturing sector grew in August at its fastest pace in over two years, with the Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) index of national […]

Verizon on the verge of a record $130B Vodafone deal

Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) has been the talk of the tech space as it was poised yesterday to take full control of its U.S. wireless business. Verizon is looking to finish what has become a corporate stand-off that has lasted a decade with its $130B purchase of British wireless provider Vodafone. Verizon is going to […]

Baidu is a Great Stock

I did promise to talk more about the Chinese economy and equities. So here goes. I already brought up the fact that we should question everything about China. But there is one thing about China that we should hardly question. And that is the fact that Chinese search giant Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) is a great […]

Japan tax advisory panel backs sales tax hike with simultaneous stimulus

Japan’s government has obtained support for a divisive decision to boost the 2014 national sales tax after a special advisory panel declared that this would not hurt business confidence and more importantly the economic recovery taking place. It has also been deemed a good idea to couple another stimulus with this tax hike. There is […]

Confirming Breakouts with Currency Correlations

We talked extensively about currency correlations. It is quite a useful strategy and I hope you’ve made good use of it to make money online trading binary options. There is a lot more to this strategy. Entry and exit points can be confirmed with it. Let me give you an example. The EUR/USD looks like […]

Currency Correlation

If you’ve been trading binary options for a while now, you might have noticed how when one currency pair rises, another currency pair apparently copies its movement and rises too. Well, this is not some kind of coincidence. It is currency correlation in action and it has given us another fundamental strategy to work with […]

Is Yahoo Inc. A Weekly Call Option

Yahoo has been the talk of the internet investing world for much of 2013 with its stand out CEO recently getting even more press after a Vogue glamour shot. Yahoo! has a lot of qualities investors like: it has $2.63B in cash, versus just $49M in long-term debt. Furthermore Yahoo! has been using its cash […]

Will the Precious Commodity Bull Run Continue?

There is always opportunity with binary options trading and today was no different. Growing tensions in Syria have been a major driving force behind gold prices that had been on the rebound over the past few weeks. Gold futures rally 2% to three-month high U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry stated that the U.S. will […]

A Weekly Put on HP?

At this year’s HP Discover 2013, CEO Meg Whitman talked about innovations like Moonshot servers which decrease power consumption by 89%. During the recent earnings call, Whitman started off by saying that “parts of the business like printing, enterprise services, converge storage and software” were growing. But still there has been a slump in the […]

Market Outlook

U.S. Futures Extend Losses as July Durable Goods Orders Fall 7.3% This decline in the durable goods orders report for July was more than expected. It has been a pretty rough start to the third quarter of 2013. When we consider the fact that residential construction and new home sales have been sluggish, it does […]

How Will Ballmer Retirement Impact Microsoft Stock in the Near to Mid-Term?

Another large cap tech stock has started making waves due to an individual. This is only a week after the activist investor Carl Icahn had a dramatic effect on Apple’s stock price (Apple shares have since stabilized). There wasn’t much to cheer about for the U.S. indices (Dow and S&P 500) on Friday as the […]

The Land of the Rising Sun

It had been a very quiet week for Japanese macro data last week. But it is the calm before the storm indeed. There will be a flurry of data out of Japan this week starting with the high impact retail sales released at 7:50pm ET on Wednesday. But it will be Thursday that traders of […]

Pip-Frenzy Week Part 2

How did pips go in North America? Let’s take a look here in part 2 of our look back at a pip-frenzied week. The U.S. dollar had been doing fairly well with Wednesday’s news reports (FOMC, existing home sales) being extremely good for it, but then came Thursday’s disappointing jobless claims data and Friday’s weak […]

Pip-Frenzy Week

This week has been quite the week for pip movements. Let’s see what we can glean from it as we move forward. The past is very important as binary option traders will acknowledge from their own trading experiences. I want to look specifically at Europe in this article and talk about pip activity in North […]

Friday’s Big Report Releases

It’s going to be quite an eventful end to the week and one which binary options traders can hope to make money fast. We start off with German GDP in the early hours. German GDP Germany has been the catalyst behind Euro zone growth and we’ve already discussed it at length here. Analysts don’t expect […]

The Budget Deficit is Falling

Here is something I caught on the news wire that might surprise you: this year’s shortfall will be probably be about 40% lower than last year. This is nice to hear and it seemed likely to happen after higher government revenues and lower government spending were reported. Deficit Chart IMG US$ billions Source: Congressional Budget […]

Flaws in Chinese GDP Data

I briefly touched upon how Chinese data is pretty fraudulent. Let’s explore this fact a little more here. Before I get started, I want to say that economic data especially GDP and inflation data is quite fraudulent everywhere, but China takes it to another level. And it doesn’t help that the GDP definition has it […]

Highly Optimistic Chinese Growth Rates

I came across something quite interesting that I wish to share here on China expert Michael Pettis blog China Financial Markets. It relates to how expected growth rates for China are wildly optimistic. It is basically a numbers game being presented and I agree with the outcomes. It appears that for China to grow at […]

Wells Fargo Capitalizing on Higher Borrowing Costs

There are always two ways to look at any given situation – with a glass half full or half empty. With binary options, there is always a way to look at any market event or financial news with a glass half full. Wells Fargo is a big bank that makes money regardless of interest rate […]

Euro zone Weekly

So we can now officially say that the Euro zone has started growing again. It has been German exceptionalism that has again made the difference. Additionally, other countries like France have had some encouraging macro data released as of late. Don’t get me wrong there is still the problem of Italy. The Italian ten year […]

FB – Could it get the Icahn effect?

The Social Network has sort of bounced back as of late after being mostly a letdown for shareholders who got in during the IPO. And now it appears that smart money (think Carl Icahn type) have become vested in the fortunes of Facebook. History repeating itself? Analysts were getting really “bullish” on Facebook in early June. […]

A Weekly Call on Apple

The binary options world has been buzzing about Icahn’s interest in Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) ever since he let us know about it through Twitter. It just goes to show social media’s influence (and especially Twitter) on binary options trading these days. Apple was another stand-out as the stock extended gains for a third straight […]

U.S. Dollar Outlook for Next Week

We are watching the U.S. dollar and the U.S. markets at large in what has been an unsettled week. The chief concern among binary option traders is how the increased borrowing costs will influence the markets. The US ten year bond yield has risen to 2.85% and this has been an increase over the week […]

Forecasting the S&P 500

Wall Street had a rough day on Wednesday as we come to the end of the earnings season. Volume has been expectedly low and now we have investors fretting about the Fed’s bond buying program. The Fed has been buying $85B in bonds each month to keep interest rates low. According to some analysts, the Fed should […]

Oil Today

Oil is trading at an elevated range (104-108). I touched upon a few reasons why not too long ago. Now I will add to this and show you why the bullish sentiment will prevail. Again, it’s basically demand exceeding supply. What is fuelling demand? Oil demand in the US has been on the acceleration pedal […]

Forex: The Corrective Pressures

Summer holidays in the US and Europe have made it so that corrective forces are possibly going to keep dictating the foreign exchange market. There are some important economic data to be released with major effects on Japanese and euro area markets with a flurry of GDP data. There was UK inflation data out today that wasn’t […]

Is Debt Our Future?

Last week ended with some pretty disheartening news for the Japanese economy. The Land of the Rising Sun’s national debt now stands at one quadrillion yen. This is quite an overwhelming figure especially when you take into consideration that it is more than the GDP of Germany, the U.K. and France combined. What is more, […]

Jobless Claims and the U.S. Stock Market

It’s been a while since we’ve had a binary options strategy article here on XForexTrade. While looking at what strategies might be useful to binary option traders, I came across a rather interesting chart on the Carpe Diem blog. You know how I’ve been posting the weekly economic calendar here and stressed the importance of […]

August – A Month for Gold?

So I am quite bearish on gold over the long term. But to be sure, there are developments that can see to it that gold and precious commodities go higher. These are the ongoing EU debt crisis and to a lesser extent the U.S. debt ceiling and the current budget discourse. There is also the […]

Have We Missed The Boat On The Social Network?

To answer this question, I would say no. FB is here to stay. Its strategy of get users first and worry about monetization later has paid off handsomely. Facebook (FB) knows a thing or two about satisfying its users and this has been the case since its early days as an exclusive photo ‘book’ for […]

Precious Commodities Weekly Outlook

We are going to be analyzing silver and gold specifically here. Just wanted to get that out of the way. The recently concluded Fed policy meeting didn’t give any new developments about possible monthly bond purchase tapering. Thursday proved to be pivotal for precious commodity prices which tanked after robust U.S. manufacturing data and a […]

Time To Sell The Euro

Economic and political risks are going to be quite substantial in the coming weeks and months for the Euro zone. It seems like a good time to consider selling the Euro and to buy puts on the EUR/USD currency pair. I know that the US employment data was weak and so the EUR might still […]

Italy: Signs Point to a Recovery in 2014

Italy could be the next country that will be in need of German bailout money. The almost never ending recession is reflected in the high unemployment rate that has gone over 12% recently. What is even more disheartening is the youth unemployment rate at 39.1% and this is going up steadily on a year-over-year and […]

The Buzz Around Amazon

Amazon (AMZN) is now stepping up its game as it relates to warehouses in a bid to take its competition with Macy’s (M) and Target (TGT) a notch higher. There is now the pretty big warehouse in Tennessee that has been quite the hot buzz in the tech world. Amid all the reports about how […]

Why US Stocks Keep Soaring

There were some big headlines last week. Here are two very important ones that kept binary option traders talking. S&P 500 Climbs Above 1,700 for the First Time on Stimulus Bets, Economic Reports. US July ISM Manufacturing Index rises to 55.4 beating the estimate of 52.0. Even with all this positive macro data, there are […]

How To Trade The Euro This Week

The big event to look forward to look this week will be on Thursday, with the ECB announcement followed by a “Super” Mario press conference that will cause much volatility as usual. But before the all important Draghi talk, we have an Italian 10 auction that needs to be followed closely today. Then there is […]

Precious Metal Commodities Outlook

There has been a lot of buzz and excitement about precious commodities by analysts that like what they see on the technical charts. Of course, the rebound in the commodities market has been the talk of the investing world. But will this last? I am here to tell you that the sustainability of the rebound […]

Currencies To Trade This Week

This week is going to be a big one for the US dollar with some major reports. Last week saw the USD lose ground against all the major currencies. Before delving into the forecasts for these releases, we wish to share our thoughts on the new COT report that came out late Friday. The COT […]

Europe: Long Term Trends

Europe. It is indeed a great place for higher education for aspiring international students looking for more bang for their buck. With the exception of the U.K., the other EU nations including its paymaster Germany have educational costs that amount to under $3000 a year. A clear bargain! I am here to tell you that […]

The Consequences of India’s Gold Import War

For the past twelve months, the Indian financial authorities have sought to combat imports of gold that has been holding down their emerging economy. This has become more intensified in the second quarter of 2013 as the Indian government has continued to increase the tax on gold imports. We have alluded to the fact that […]

Thursday: US Macro Data

What can we make of the US macro data we received today? It turned out that US Durable Goods Orders and the weekly Jobless claims did not have as much as an impact as expected. When taking into context the big Q2 GDP report out next, this unexpected big increase in the June durable goods […]

Financial News To Trade Today

Japan stocks fall Japanese equities declined today after two straight days of surging as the yen actually went up. The Nikkei declined 0.4% to 14,716.95. Furthermore, U.S. manufacturing data was weak which hurt the S&P 500 along with the negatively performing steel makers. Shares of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp. gave up 1.3% and […]

The Social Network

We had the big Apple (AAPL) earnings report come in yesterday and the figure to watch was the consensus EPS estimate of $7.32 a share. This estimate was beaten as the actual EPS came in at $7.47 a share. Apple should get a bump in share price as trading starts today with iPhone strength powering […]

USD/CAD: A Resistance Play

Good Day! The Bank of Canada (BOC) has kept its interest rate steady at 1.00%. The new BOC head Stephen Poloz also revealed in a report that they’re anticipating that economic growth will be sluggish in the near term, and that they are expected to maintain the same rates for the near future. This has […]

Friday Binary Option Trading Results

Now it’s that time again to recap and take a look at how we have performed and what you can learn from our trading prowess. This is actually from last Friday. Our results from this Friday are still being processed and we will have a report on that soon on this blog. As you know […]

Daily Binary Options Fundamentals

What’s on the Binary Option Trading Horizon? US Indices Positive U.S. macro data boosted the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones. Interestingly, the S&P and Dow are at record highs in 2013; up 19%. I do expect more of the same today as everything is pointing to a higher open. Now let’s look at how […]

Abenomics in Full Swing

The Bank of Japan released minutes of its June 10 and June 11 monetary policy board (MPB) meeting on Tuesday. This was actually the one big event for the land of the rising sun this week. We have already explored Abenomics in great detail here at XForexTrade. Now let’s look at the latest developments as […]

Germany This Week

The Nikkei surged 0.6% as Japanese equities were propelled by a weaker yen today. Japan was the leader among Asian stocks which were lower for the most part. The positive earnings report from Citigroup yesterday saw to it that the S&P 500 would rally for the 8th consecutive day. The Dow was also up. The […]

Two Reasons Why I am bullish on Crude Oil Prices

Crude oil prices keep going up and up in the last three weeks. And the more it rises, the more sure I am that this bullish trend will persist. Last Friday, for instance, oil prices hit another high as it approached $106 per barrel. In the meantime, Brent crude oil contracts for next month increased […]

Trading the Market Events

Stay in the know about high-impact binary trading events and any global trading holidays by reading the economic calendar for the week ahead. Monday, July 15 Today is filled with American economic events with the US Retail Sales being the big market mover with a lot of investors not sure how the market will perform after some […]

Summer is Heating Up

June retail sales have been extremely good as they have risen 4.1% and this is actually a six-month high. It is great to see that Americans are now spending more money and aren’t thinking twice about swiping their credit cards. Thomson Reuters did report that Gap Inc (GPS) and Costco (COST) had beaten analyst estimates […]

Commodities Today: Precious Metal Calls

The commodity markets were back temporarily at least after it was revealed that there will be sustained support from the Fed. The message was echoed across the board with European and Japanese central banks committed to supporting the global economic recovery that we have been currently seeing. Copper prices were up 3.2 percent going over […]

Currencies Today: Time to Buy Puts on the EUR/USD

The EUR/USD is evening out at around 1.3060 today, as the after effects of Bernanke’s speech yesterday are quietly going away and driving this major currency pair lower from the highs above 1.3200. EUR/USD looks to the US data There is not much happening in the EU today, and investors remain focused on the weekly […]

Trading Binary Options on the USD/JPY

Japan equities lost ground as the US Dollar fell slightly below ¥100 once again Japanese equities declined earlier today after the USD/JPY fell and this gives binary option traders the perfect opportunity to enter into calls. I would place monthly calls now as any point below 100 for this currency pair is a great long-term […]

What To Watch For On The Economic Calendar

Stay up to date with high-impact market events and any trading holidays around the globe by taking a look at the economic calendar for the week ahead. Monday, July 8 Today is filled with European economic events with the Brussels convention being the big market mover with finance ministers in the Euro zone holding talks. Other than […]

DAX Rallies, Nikkei Jumps on Weaker Yen

The Nikkei gained as trading started this week in Japan. It got started on a positive note with more investors buying because of some good US employment data jobs and more Yen devaluation. The Nikkei stock index went up 1.1% to 14,468.19 and this too after a three-week winning run. Binary option traders should place […]

That phenomenon called Abenomics – Part 3

I know that there is a lot of issues in Japan with debt being a major problem and the demographics that point to an increasingly ageing population. We’ve already explored those. Now, let’s talk about what we at XForexTrade believe in. That is the fact that the Nikkei will keep going up and the Yen […]

That phenomenon called Abenomics – Part 2

Here is a little known fact. The Japanese equity market has returned 33% this year alone and 66% over a period of a year making it the top performing market in the world. Bulls are very happy with the “Abenomics” policy. The core of its policy is a Japanese version of the QE we have […]

That phenomenon called Abenomics – Part 1

At XForexTrade, we’ve made a considerable amount of money as a result of Abenomics. All our readers will agree that the Nikkei and the USD/JPY have been fairly predictable in their movements for some time now. The big question is how long is this going to last? In a nutshell, Abenomics is the policy measures […]

More Commodities

There is a big financial headline out there that all commodity traders need to be aware of by now. It is Europe’s response to QE over in the US and how Bernanke and Co. are scaling back on it. So here it goes. Both the European Central Bank and the Bank of England are now […]

A Look At Germany

This week’s troubles in Portugal gave us a harsh reality that the euro crisis still has to be dealt with. Let us take a step away from the smaller member nations and look at an EU behemoth. I could write articles and articles about German exceptionalism and how it affects the Euro zone. Guess what, […]

Wednesday Impact Events

This is definitely a big day for the US financial markets and I will be looking to trade the USD/JPY currency pair. We have the trade balance at 1:30PM GMT which is expected to shrink to -40.1B from a previous -40.3B. Then there will be the Initial Jobless Claims with a slight drop from 346K to […]

Make Money Fast with the EUR/USD

EUR/USD: Overwhelming Calls on this major currency pair There was a standoff by EU Finance Chiefs a week ago on how to allocate the cost of any potential bank collapse in the region. The Outright Monetary Transaction Mechanism (OMT) may not be enough. There has been a lot of discussion on what levels of debt […]

No Pain, No Gain: Trading Commodities

In more disappointing news out of China, the Shanghai Composite was down 18% from its high in February. China is struggling with slowing growth and to make matters worse there is a liquidity crisis. The future of demand in the world’s second largest economy has negatively affected commodity prices across the globe and global demand […]

Pay Attention to the Economic Calendar

Stay up to date with high-impact market events and any trading holidays around the globe by taking a look at the economic calendar for the week ahead. Monday, July 1 Today is filled with European economic events with the Manufacturing PMI being the big market data release. France’s manufacturing PMI came in at 48.4 beating […]

Indices Up, Up and Away

As the ‘happiness’ of summer starts to set in on binary option traders, we are in for  a holiday shortened week. The major U.S. stock indexes will be closely monitoring what goes on in the Fed and comments that FOMC members continue to make. The possible future of quantitative easing appears to be mixed right […]

The Fed and Gold

Binary option traders will have to continue to be optimistic about the world markets and especially the US. At the same time, option traders can make even more money trading puts on precious metal commodities. Gold will continue to tank Gold is an inflation hedge and that is all. But for us binary option traders […]

Hot Currencies

USD/JPY: Bullish on the Currency Pair The Chinese credit problems sparked the bearish trend in Asian equities and I feel binary option traders can make money fast with a USD/JPY call. The USD/JPY is trading a little under resistance with strong buy signals in the shorter time frame charts. The technical indicators are definitely confirming […]

Commodity Binary Trading

Is the turmoil over? It appears to be so. The prices of precious metals have kept falling and now we have gold at a 3-year low. Even silver is going to keep plunging as gold’s little sibling. Crude oil  appears to be the only commodity that investors are bullish about at this moment in time. […]

Indices This Week

We start this week amid news about the cash crunch that is plaguing the world’s second largest economy, China. Goldman Sachs has already downgraded its growth forecast for China. It also seems as though the US financial markets will need the stimulus at full pace. Ever since the FOMC statement, there has been a mixed […]

Weekly Economic Calendar

Stay up to date with high-impact market events and any trading holidays around the globe by taking a look at the economic calendar for the week ahead. Monday, June 24 Today is filled with German economic events with the German Business Expectations being a key one that has beat estimates with a value of 105.9 […]

Big day for US Housing Data

Here is my extensive coverage for the day’s market events. All the major economic data will be out of the US. The ones that binary option traders should watch out for are the US Core Durable Goods Orders and the US Durable Goods Orders. The forecast for the Core figure is -0.1% down from a […]

Gold will keep declining

It really does sound like the Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s inclination to taper off the stimulus is heavily impacting the price of the precious yellow metal. Nonetheless, the lower prices are attracting Indian and Chinese buyers as Asian equities fall. So the gold price could go down and then get back up again. Gold had […]

Google Up; HP Down

Here is your weekly dose of large cap tech stocks and how to trade binary options on them. I hope my apt heading has given you everything you need to trade binary options on Google Inc. (GOOG) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ). I will still give you the extensive analysis that XForexTrade has become so renowned for. […]

Weekly Market Events

Mixed Bag of Data US May Home Resales rose by 4.2% to a 5.18M Rate. At the same time, the Median May Home Price went up 15.4% from a year ago to $20. US Housing has been generally good and housing starts shot up 6.8% in May to a 914K Rate, but it actually missed […]

Weekly Binary Updates

S&P 500 Up 16% as US Economy Grows The S&P 500 is now down 2.5% from the record it set on May 21. The stock market index has rallied an average 16 percent over the last couple of years coinciding with the last four times the central bank started to raise interest rates. Nonetheless, the […]

Networking Stocks: A Chance To Make Money Fast With Binary Options

Networking has been having quite a rough time in recent times. This can be quite surprising to hear given the immense potential that is there in this market. The fact is more people will get online and there will be increased penetration in Africa and Asia. Even in the US, there is a lot of […]

Binary Options Tips

USD/JPY – Time for some Weekly Calls with an eye on the FOMC Statement The US dollar declined last week and now it is getting back some of the losses with the recent gains against the Yen.  US data continues to be mixed. On Friday, PPI increased, but the UMich Consumer Confidence missed expectations. The BOJ […]

US UMich Consumer Confidence

We hit the nail on the head here at XForexTrade with our expectations for how trading would end up on Thursday. We did get a lot of emails that the US equities weren’t going to rebound, but there was just too much going for them fundamentally and technically. We correctly chose to ignore the noise. […]

US Retail Sales and the EU CPI

The US equity markets have got hammered and I expect the rebound to happen today. The US Retail Sales at 12:30PM GMT is a big market event for binary option traders to watch. US Retail Sales I did promise to give my analysis of these market events as and when they happened. So here goes. […]

Indices Play

I have been quite bearish on commodities, so obviously you know my take on the major global indices. I am here to tell you that the downturn in the indices is a perfect time to get in on some binary option calls with an end of the week expiration. Let me tell you why. The […]

What does the Financial Calendar Look Like?

There is the usual US Retail Sales, the EU CPI and then the University of Michigan Consumer Confidence on Friday. But first, let’s talk about a court hearing. German Constitutional Hearing Today Investors are worried about the German Constitutional Court Hearing scheduled to take place in a few hours time. The German Constitutional Court will […]

How Will Commodities Do?

It seems like it will be a bearish week for commodities. As binary option traders be prepared to make money fast of these downward fluctuations. Gold Drop: Should we continue to buy puts The losses extended on Monday for the shiny metal after it recorded its biggest daily drop last Friday as a result of […]

Binaries To Watch For

The S&P 500 and the Dow have continued their momentum as trading started today in the United States. Investors have not been as bothered about the possibility of the US Federal Reserve slowly scaling back the stimulus in the coming months. There could be some profit taking this week, though. Anyway, here is how XForexTrade […]

US Non Farm Payrolls – Friday

I am going to get to the highly anticipated US NFP figures in just a second. I need to break down the big market events that occurred on Thursday out in Europe. ECB Has Kept the Benchmark Interest Rate at 0.50% The deposit rate is also going to be unchanged at zero. This was as […]

Mario Draghi Again

I promised to cover the big market events as they get closer and that is precisely what I am going to do here. We usually do this at XForexTrade and our readers like the insights and profitable binary trading tips. UK Interest Rate Release Binary option traders will have to cast their eyes to Europe […]

There Will Be More Volatile Binary Trading

The US economy has had a lot of positive data come out this week, but not surprisingly, the US indices have been down. What do you expect? They had a good run through the first five months of 2013. So how can we binary option traders make money for the rest of this week. I’ve […]

How Will Commodities Do in the Near Term

There has been some bearishness in the US equity markets and this has been totally opposite to what has been happening across the globe as reflected by how certain stock indexes like the Nikkei, DAX and FTSE 100 are soaring. I chose to wait it out as I had advised in my giant post about […]

Financial Calendar for the First Week of June

The much anticipated US employment bundle is almost here. Tomorrow we start with the ADP Employment Change that is expected to be upbeat with a forecasted value of 170K up from a previous 119K. The US indices have had a rough week and this was quite surprising given that we had good macro data out […]

S&P 500: Long-Term Binary Trading Will Depend on Performance This Week

There has been quite a dip in this US stock market index over the last 5 business days. This has posed binary traders with a tough challenge. What exactly should they do? Well, XForexTrade suggests that binary option traders simply wait it out. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long. I would recommend waiting […]

Goldcorp and Microsoft are Good Weekly Plays

Goldcorp Inc.: A good proxy for gold Some of you binary option traders might have figured that trading binary options on gold can be inconvenient since the option expiry is generally too short. That is why I wanted to highlight Goldcorp here which has expirations that are longer term. Goldcorp has been mirroring the gold […]

Binary Market Updates

I had covered a lot of binary trading fundamentals in the weekly XForexTrade report.  In this post, I want to talk about the S&P 500, the EUR/USD and the USD/JPY and how to trade binary options on them. The US economy is indeed stabilizing and even if Bernanke slowly phases out the stimulus, I don’t […]

What Will the Major Commodities Do?

The late start to this week saw some mixed movements in the world markets. There should be some improvements in the European and Asian economies. The Euro zone is finally able to shift its focus from budget cuts and I think we will see it try harder to reduce unemployment in the region. I’ve already […]

Binary Trading for Week 5/29/13

US markets have recovered since opening after the Memorial Day holiday. It was widely expected that the holiday would cause some volatility in the markets, but this was not so on Tuesday. The positive macro data had a lot to do with the bounce. There is a stock market adage “Sell In May And Go […]

How to Trade the Options Market Events This Week

Welcome to another edition of our weekly binary options market events. It’s been a rough start to the week for markets in the US whereas we have seen the bullish sentiment persist abroad. Here are some market events this week that will impact the financial markets. German Preliminary CPI: Wednesday – Noon GMT This is […]

Tuesday’s Big Binary Events

There is one must watch event for binary options traders that occurs later on at 2:00PM GMT. It is the United States Conference Board Consumer Confidence that will affect the US indices, USD and some US equities. US CB Consumer Confidence Binary option traders will have to monitor Bloomberg, Daily FX and Reuters closely to […]

Gold, Currency Pairs and Other Binary Trading Picks

Here are some binary options trading considerations for you to think about during the weekend. I realize that a lot of binary option traders like to read some material in preparation for the week ahead and this is just for that. Gold may not be so shiny Gold is getting back into the hands of […]

Today’s Big Market Events

There are many market events for binary options traders to watch today, but none as important as the US Durable Goods Orders release scheduled for 12:30PM GMT. I really expect a bullish sentiment to prevail among traders. We’ve already received some positive macro data from the US with New Home Sales for April increasing more […]

ECB President Mario Draghi Takes Center Stage

Before we get to Draghi, let me recap what happened today regarding the binary trading market events. The FTSE 100 has continued to soar despite UK retail sales falling unexpectedly by 1.3%. Still, the fundamentals look good for the UK economy and I expected the bullish trend to continue. The Nikkei shot up 246 points […]

Market Developments To Factor In When Binary Trading This Week

All the major global indices are at all-time highs. The bears are pretty sure that a big time pullback is on the way and I have to agree that it is pretty much overdue. Nonetheless, even if a pullback is long overdue, the fundamentals and technicals don’t seem to point to one in the foreseeable […]

How To Trade Binary Options on Major Indices

The FTSE 100 hit a 12-year high on Monday as it closed in London. Then we have the Nikkei at five-year highs and continuing to soar. Not to forget the DAX and of course the S&P 500. Not a bad time to be a binary options traders, eh? Well, let’s see how we can make […]

Market Events for Tuesday, May 21

There aren’t any impact market events in the US tomorrow, but there will be a lot of market influenced activity in the EU and in Japanese financial markets. Here are the market events that binary option traders will have to watch closely to make money fast tomorrow. German and GBP PPI So were going to […]

Financial Calendar for May 20th – 24th

We always have a lot of market events to look forward to every week. But there are only so many that binary option traders can keep track off and then to do it properly they will be better off looking at just a few. At XForexTrade we bring you the ones that not only have […]

Equities This Week

First there is some pretty big news in the tech world that I want to dive into. The internet giant Yahoo! (YHOO) has announced that it will purchase the blogging site Tumblr for $1.1B. Is this what YHOO needs? Yahoo! under CEO Marissa Mayer has been making some big moves to turn itself around. The […]

Hot Currency Pairs Weekly

It’s another week and we have even more tips to help all of you binary option traders to make even more money. There might not be much action out there today as the major banks are closed in Whit Monday observance. But here are some currency binary trading tips and picks to keep in mind […]

Friday’s Binary Option Currency Pairs

Before I talk about the currency pairs to watch out for on Friday and their trajectories over the course of the day and the week that follows, let me congratulate myself on my binary options stock picks from yesterday. IBM made enough of a jump through the day to make some money of it. As […]

Binary Options Stock Picks

Before I jump into the stock picks, I want to share some of my winning trades today after following the trading plan that I had outlined for Wednesday’s market events. This was all done by sticking with the mental approach that I had touched on. I do love 60 second options and here is me […]

XForexTrade Binary Option Trades

The S&P has continued to jump after a bit of slowdown in growth at the start of the week. There was some downside in the European markets and the macro data continues to be a mixed bag. There was German investor confidence missing estimates by quite a bit and then today we had Fitch raising […]

Binary Options – Market events for Wednesday, May 15

The big news today was that German investor confidence missed estimates for May by a long shot. This is another blow to the stabilizing EU. The problem for Germany is that it trades heavily with EU members like Italy and Spain that are in the midst of a recession. There is also high unemployment in […]

Binary Market events for Wednesday, May 15

The big news today was that German investor confidence missed estimates for May by a long shot. This is another blow to the stabilizing EU. The problem for Germany is that it trades heavily with EU members like Italy and Spain that are in the midst of a recession. There is also high unemployment in […]

Binary Trading Financial Calendar for this Week

We already have a big event that is in the books. The US Retail Sales for April took market analysts and investors by surprise as it went up 0.1%. Forecasts were for a 0.3% drop after what was a 0.5% drop in March. This is all very good for the US economy with many doubters […]

Binary Options April Recap

I haven’t done much trade recaps lately and it’s something I am looking to do more of this month and in the months to come. I think April was a fairly simple month to trade binary options. Let’s look at some of my most profitable trades. S&P 500: it was awesome seeing it hit record […]

Japan and the US: What to expect?

I analyzed these two economies in great detail in my post titled Indices Views. I want to talk more about it as they continue to make financial headlines. The Japanese Yen is now 101.61 to the US dollar and a lot of analysts expect the currency pair to stay at around this level for 2013. […]

Equities, Currency Pairs to Watch

*** JUST IN: Yen Weakens to 100 Per Dollar for the First Time in Four Years As we come to the end of the week, there are some stocks and a currency pair that I want binary option traders to focus on. Facebook: Possible Waze acquisition could be a good opportunity to place a put […]

Binary Trading Market Trends

The equity markets are at all time highs. We have the US indices doing very well and then there is the soaring DAX and FTSE across the pond. Not to mention, the trailblazing Nikkei edged on by Abenomics. Still, everyone is pretty nervous. A lot of people ask me: when will this recession be over? […]

Indices Views

***This Just In: One of XForexTrade’s main sources Bloomberg has a Consumer Comfort Level Indicator for the US and this was at a five-year high last week. Abenomics: The need of the hour Japan’s large cap firms have seen their profits soar from the devaluation of the Yen. There is Toyota that forecasted that its […]

Market Events to Watch For

There are two events that binary option traders can utilize to guide them in their trading and making money online. The German DAX is at a record high at 8249.71 points and this is a result of some positive macro data. German Factory Orders have made an unexpected jump in a sign of recovery. On […]

Binary Trading Picks for the Week

Last Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 15,000 for the first time ever. It has since declined and this has convinced a lot of investors on Wall Street that a resistance level has been reached. Nonetheless, I am pretty bullish and I am looking at some big time calls this week. Trading Calls on […]

Binary trading picks for May

Summer is fast approaching and here are some binary trading picks that will put some more money in your wallet so that you can enjoy the summer vacation well. S&P 500 Higher on Positive Macro Data Even as I write up these predictions, US equities are soaring. The S&P has added 14 points already and […]

Market Watch: US Non-Farm Payrolls

It will be the US Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) that will have to be closely watched on Friday. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at some of the big headlines this week that binary option traders need to be aware of. They were all related to the US markets with the only […]

Equities to Watch

Apple Said To Offer $17B of Bonds in Record US Sale Apple (AAPL) was forced to innovate to try and come up with a solution to its deteriorating shareholder value. Ever since the iPhone 5 launch last year, the stock has been tumbling. So in comes the newest innovation: the iBond. This comes at a […]

Market trends

Easy to understand Binary Options Trading Tips – Try Trading on TradeRush! This is going to be fairly tough week for the markets. But as binary option traders might have started to realize, there is always a way to make money whether the trend is bearish or bullish. There have been some pretty big headlines […]

Market Shakers to Watch

There is  still a lot of big events to keep an eye on the financial calendar for this week. You will always hear it first with all the relevant details here on XForexTrade. Here are two events that will provide opportunities for binary option traders to make money. Coca-Cola Enterprises Earnings Report We here at […]

Binary Trading Picks for Thursday

There are some equities, commodities and indices that are making headlines as of late. XForexTrade will analyze these assets and make predictions on how to trade binary options on these securities. Apple: Bullish for the short term Wall Street has lost faith on the tech giant and this is reflected in the stock price being […]

Nikkei hits five-year record high, USD/JPY gets mighty close to 100

There has been a lot of good news out of Japan, but it seems like the fun will continue. There is a big BOJ meeting later in the week that binary option traders should watch out for. This will be now the second meeting with BOJ Governor Kuroda and it could bring more news about […]

Market Watch

There are two events that must be watch very carefully by binary option traders on Tuesday. The best places to keep an eye on these market events will be Reuters, Bloomberg, Daily FX and Forex Factory Calendar. Reserve Bank of New Zealand Interest Announcement Market analysts forecast that the interest rate will stay the same […]

Gold crash – A blessing in disguise?

When the price of gold falls, it is a sign that things are going great with the global economy. The comical thing is that this is not necessarily the case as there are a lot of issues with a lot of big economies like the EU and China. Still, this gold crash has brought up […]

Stocks to Watch: SAP AG & IBM

One thing that we all agree by now is that innovation is driving the global economy. The recovery in the United States relies on it and innovation will play a large part in the Asian miracle that we are already playing witnesses to. Here are two large cap tech firms that promise to be great […]

Weekly Binary Trading Tips

Profitable binary options trading advice. Try trading on TradeRush! Chinese data turned out to weaker than estimates had predicted. Even worse, the Chinese debt pile is rather concerning. Commodities like oil and gold have dipped quite a bit. There was a bit of a panic among investors and this negatively affected equities and currencies as […]

Bloomberg Updates

I want to cover some important updates that came up on XForexTrade’s premier source for financial information – Bloomberg. I know you can go to the site and see it for yourself, but I feel we cover it better by giving you only the information you need. Basically, we do the work for you by […]

Market Moves To Watch on Friday

There are two big market events in the United States that binary option traders need to keep their eyes on during binary trading this Friday. The US indices (S&P, Dow), US equities and the US Dollar are the ones you will look to trade binary options on. Both the market event figures will be released […]

Market Developments

Macro data and earnings reports as we head into round two of the releases will be driving the binary options markets this week. We’ve already covered quite a bit about this and in keeping with XForexTrade’s extensive coverage; here is more. Friday’s weak job report Earnings season will kick off with Alcoa’s lesser than impressive […]

Oil stocks and more

Oil is a great place to invest, after all, the world does trade in energy. Regardless of what your views are on what should be the future of world energy, the fact remains that oil companies will be around for at least another 50 years before the planet starts switching to other forms of energy […]

Weekly Trading Tips: The Yen and More

As we wrap up the first week of the new quarter, I am starting to feel that the global economy is actually stabilizing and the anticipated growth is starting to materialize. More Yen, please! The BOJ will really step up its game to boost the Japanese economy by devaluing the Yen further in the coming […]

Thursday Market Events: Japan, UK Bank Rate, ECB Press

It’s going to be a big day on Thursday for binary option traders. And as usual, XForex Trade has you covered with the market events and how to trade binary options. There will be a lot of stuff going in Europe, but we will start with an event that will impact the Japanese markets in […]

Equities, Indices and Currencies to trade for this Week

S&P 500 has hit a record high closing last Friday.  China March PMI Rises to 50.9 vs EST. 51.2. Construction Spending in U.S. Rises on Gain in Home Building. U.S. March ISM Manufacturing Index Falls To 51.3 From 54.2. Research in Motion earnings reflect the wider trends in corporate growth.  US GDP goes up 0.4% […]

Large Cap Equities Friday

Breaking News: S&P 500 Closes at Record Level of 1569.15 The United States is definitely showing encouraging signs with the economy growing at a better rate than analysts have expected. There are some negative macro data that does come like the fact that weekly US Initial Jobless Claims Rose 16,000 last week to 357,000. Nonetheless, […]

Market Events: Thursday and Friday

We have two big events this week that I’d like to draw attention to. They represent the parts of the globe that binary option traders might have to keep watching for the next few months or so: the United States and the Euro zone. German Unemployment Change I’ve already made references to how Germany will […]

The Global Indices Binary Options Play

The United States continues to grow and the Euro zone will be back to a position of growth and recovery pretty soon. As for Asia, Japan is being led by Shinzo Abe with an iron fist and his newly appointed BOJ Governor. The SPX May Hit Yet Another High: I am again going to in […]

More US Macro Data

There are as many as 20 individual reports on the US economy comprising housing data, manufacturing and employment among others. It is a pretty big week for the US and its indices, equities and currency. Before we talk about the big US macro data releases, let’s talk about Cyprus and what everyone in the world […]

The Yen and some Bloomberg Updates

I wasn’t able touch on some information about the Yen and how I’ve been trading it in my last few posts, so here goes. My prediction is that the Yen will keep climbing.  The USD/JPY has been rather up and down the whole of last week, but I am bullish on the pair heading into […]

The Yen and some Bloomberg Updates

I wasn’t able to get in some information about the Yen and how I’ve been trading it, so here goes.  The Yen will keep climbing. The USD/JPY has been rather up and down the whole of last week, but I am bullish on the pair heading into the last week of this month. It also […]

Thursday: Market Updates

There has been some big news coming out of the US that further supports my bullish sentiment on the country’s economy. The Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index for March has increased sharply from -12.5 to 2. Additionally, previously owned home sales in the US have a hit a three-year high climbing to 4.9M. There was also […]

Weekly Binary Option Trading Tips

Cyprus has been the attention grabber this week. I know that it’s going to become yesterday’s news pretty soon, but it has had a pretty big impact on the world markets. And what is more, I honestly think this is the best time to buy up some weekly and monthly calls on the global indices […]

Binary Trading Market Moves

There is a market event that is happening in a few hours that I want you to keep an eye on right now. You know where you will need to keep a watch: Bloomberg, Reuters, Daily FX and Forex Factory Calendar. US Federal Funds Rate The federal fund rate itself will remain the same at […]

Friday: Euro zone and US Core CPI

There are two big market events that binary option traders should keep an eye on Friday. Forex Factory Calendar and Daily FX along with Bloomberg and Reuters are the sources that binary option traders  can make use of to keep track of these events. Keep in mind, that the Core indicators actually do not take […]

Some big Market Events lined up for Thursday

This week has been a big one for binary options trading so far no matter which way you slice and dice it. There are couple of events that make it profitable to trade binary options and I’d like you to know about them. The Swiss Bank Monetary Policy Assessment (MPA) The Swiss National Bank will […]

Big Market event for tomorrow: US Retail Sales

US Retail Sales expected to be an encouraging sign for investors There is a fact that I want you to keep in mind. Consumer spending actually comprises two-thirds of the entire US economy. And of this consumer spending, one-third can be attributed to retail sales. The good thing for bullish investors is that the forecasted […]

Tuesday: Bullish on the US Dollar and US large cap tech stocks

Our daily trading tips give you the details so that you know exactly how to make money fast with binary trading. US equities are seeing positive momentum and this brings up the perfect opportunity for binary option traders to make money. I am bullish on the US dollar and I am looking to trade binary […]

Another week for Bulls

The US NFP number reported last Friday is an encouraging sign for bulls (it turned out to be 7.7% beating expectations which had it at 7.9%). If you’ve been reading XForexTrade over the past few weeks, you know that global indices have been on a bull run. And this bullish trend doesn’t seem like it […]

US Non-Farm Employment Figures

We have a big market event out of the US to wrap up the binary trading week. It was the US markets that we wanted you to pay attention to and it was for good reason. The stock market rallied with gains in the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones. Additionally, the USD had a […]

Keeping up with Mario Draghi

We have the man of the moment – ECB President Mario Draghi – for you tomorrow. Binary option traders that have had success making money due to his affect on the Euro are truly licking their lips. ECB Press Conference So it is the ECB Press Conference that binary option traders will have to pay […]

US Markets should be Watched this Week

I guess it’s important to watch US equities and indices, etc every week but we do have quite a lot of macro activity out of the United States. I did promise to look more into happenings in China and the Asian markets, but we do have some pressing issues to talk about this week here […]

Thursday Market Events: BOJ and UK Interest Rates

There aren’t any major market events to watch out for on Wednesday and so we thought we could give you a heads up on some Thursday events that will help you make money trading binary options. BOJ Interest Rate Decision The USD/JPY has been one of the hottest currencies as of late. There is always […]

Today’s Binary Trading and a Look to China Tomorrow

We had another example trading binary options successfully today and it’s all part of the deal for us here at XForexTrade. I was also right on the money with my trading tips yesterday and we were able to make good money with the 60 second binary options on TradeRush and also the hourly calls. DAX […]

Thursday: Big moves expected in the Euro zone

Germany has always been the economic powerhouse of the Euro zone and after some encouraging macro data from last week the economy will surge forward. The Berlusconi victory in Italy will actually be a huge blessing for the German economy. What is more important for the German economy in the near term is that the […]

It’s been a Rough Week for Bulls

On first glance at some of the major global indices, one might presume that we are in the midst of another global downturn. The good thing is this is not true, even after you take into account the fact that the FTSE 100 has shed 1.34%, the DAX has lost 2.27% and the Nikkei is […]

The Italian Elections and More

These are our binary option trading tips for the upcoming week brought to you every binary trading week by XForexTrade. Major global indices The positive news out of Germany (ZEW survey, GDP figures, etc) meant that the DAX climbed higher over the last week. It was a good week for the Euro zone as the […]

Friday: Watch These Two Major Indices Carefully

Binary trading involves being prepared for a lot of volatility and we sure got that this week. The one good thing is that long-term perspectives have remained the same and this goes to show that binary options trading and gambling are really two different things. S&P 500 on a decline We’ve discussed the S&P 500 […]

US Existing Home Sales and More

I will be focusing on the EUR/USD tomorrow as I expect a great deal of volatility even though I think the trend for the month of February will be a decline. Market forecast decline on US Existing Home Sales figure As we start off trading tomorrow, we get the US existing homes sales numbers. The […]

Traders Will Watch the US Closely Again

Traders will watch the US closely again There is another one of those market events to watch out for late in the day if you live in the United States. Other than this, binary option traders should watch the Yen and the Nikkei 225 pretty closely. There seems to be quite a lot of different […]

Trading Recommendations for Tuesday

Trading Recommendations for Tuesday Highly volatile Euro The Euro has been steadily falling against the US Dollar and I am looking for a put with an end of the week expiration. A good entry for this weekly put would be above 1.3350. The EUR/USD has been highly volatile over the last month after initially hitting […]

Binary Option Trading Overview for the Week 2/18 – 2/25

There wasn’t much happening in the United States last week, so we turned our attention to the Euro zone. And this focus on Europe will continue through this week with our disappointment in the S&P 500 as it has shown that it is slowly running out steam. In Europe, an encouraging sign is the Euro […]

All Eyes on Japan Tomorrow

The Bank of Japan will announce the interest rate on Thursday and the time is actually not set yet. It is usually in the early morning between 2AM and 4AM GMT. I suppose binary traders in the United States might actually find a convenient time in the night to finally trade on something happening in […]

Make Money from Home on Wednesday with these Binary Trading Tips

We’ve been having quite a bit of fun lately at XForexTrade and we’ve made a lot of money with binary options. That is how it is supposed to be. We’re here to teach you to have fun trading binary options and make money online. We did plenty of that today and the last few days. […]

Europe is what Binary Options Traders will be watching on Tuesday

There are two really big events to watch out for tomorrow. They present almost a sure-fire opportunity to make money for binary option traders. It’s all happening in Europe! The UK CPI: GBP could possibly rise tomorrow Binary option traders in the United States will find it hard to get in on this as the […]

Yen Climbs, Euro drops in light of Central Bank remarks

We are just coming of another weak with strong corporate earnings reports. There are some ominous signs for binary option bulls this week since the S&P 500 hit another high last week. It appears that a bear market correction is on the way and it could take shape this week with investors looking to take […]

$770 in Net Profits in Just 10 Minutes of Binary Trading

We had a field day here at XForexTrade with the EUR/USD and this time with binary puts. We used a lot of the technical and fundamental analysis that we mentioned for your benefit in yesterday’s post that more than adequately prepared binary options traders for the big Thursday market events. Investments Feb 7 2013 IMG […]

The big Thursday post

I promised that Thursday would be a big day for binary options traders with the avalanche of market events. XForexTrade is now at $22,691.05 and counting after an intensive trading period with one of the best binary trading platforms out there, TradeRush. $22,691.05 IMG There are going to be different ways to make money tomorrow […]

Trading Tips for Tuesday: Fedex (FDX) and the EUR/GBP

This week is going to be generally slow especially when compared to the high octane week we just had. In the United States, we saw the Dow crack 14,000 and the S&P 500 having its best start to a New Year since 1997. The problem is both of these indices tanked considerably during trading Monday. […]

Top 5 Market Moves 2/4-2/11 2013

I really should have named the post as the events to watch out for Thursday as all the market events that I am about to mention will occur on Thursday and it was important for me to give a heads up here. I will go into more detail in Wednesday’s trading tips here on XForexTrade. […]

The Big XOM Earnings Call

I did say that I would talk about the US ISM Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index. So let’s get that out of the way before going into the big Exxon Mobil (XOM) post. The value will be out at 3:00PM GMT today and it can be monitored on Bloomberg/Reuters and DailyFX. What to do about the […]

The Social Network Problem and More

With the S&P 500 proving harder and harder to predict, we enter into tomorrow’s “what to watch for in the binary options markets”. The US Advance GDP was negative, but the index hasn’t really fallen off. Later today, we will have the FOMC Statement and the funds rate which should have a pretty big impact. […]

Wednesday trades will be based on two significant US Market Events

Before I go into detail about my binary trading tips for tomorrow, I want to share some long term positions that I took today on our favorite site for binary options – TradeRush. The S&P 500 was a tough call, but there will be some profit taking given this being the end of the first […]

Proving to Be an Action-Packed Binary Trading Week

Investors should keep an eye on stocks and the broader indices to make money online trading binary options this week. Binary option traders watching the major indices will most likely see quite a bit of volatility due to the size of the major releases scheduled for the coming week.   Our favorite 60 second binary options […]

Employment Data and More Corporate Earnings

There are some numbers that I want you to keep in mind as we start the new week. The major indices are hitting highs with the S&P 500 going over 1500, the FTSE going up and over 6250 and the DAX rising above its resistance level of 7800. Now we have macro data improvements and […]

Thursdays Binary Trading and What to Watch For Friday

Biting off more than I can chew on the AAPL and What to Watch For Friday Are 60 second options always the best for periods of high volatility? We’ve started off today’s post with a question and I would go ahead and say that this really depends. It’s best to go in with a strategy […]

Breaking $17K – Make Money at Home with Binary Trading Tips

We have some good news and then some bad news. Let’s start with the bad news. We at XforexTrade are always on the move and this time we weren’t able to place any bets on Google Inc. (GOOG) and International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) just as the markets opened. It didn’t help that I am […]

Take a Big Bite Out of the Apple Tomorrow

Apple Inc. (AAPL) had a big surge in holiday sales and we have some weekly calls that we bought at $486.23 that expires this Friday evening. So we are already vested in Apple stock here at Xforex Trade. We didn’t take on any binary options trading positions today (except for our usual 60 second options […]

Game Plan for Tuesday

There will be two big time earnings reports to watch out for on Tuesday. Both of them are for large cap tech stocks and I am assuming you know how to trade binary options on the Dow and the S&P 500 depending on the outcomes of these two earnings releases. I spoke in my previous […]

S&P 500 Continues to Trade at 5-Year Highs

I know I was long silver going into the weekend, but when I saw that a weekly call on a one touch option required the price to hit 35.1, I gave it all up. I’ve decided that trading on the weekend is best avoided. It’s too risky and although the rewards are tempting (a 700% […]

A Look Ahead to Saturday After Some Friday Trading Lessons

How to make money online? Learn to fail sometimes. That was a Michael Jordan quote that I always remember when I suffer a loss. Losses are bound to happen and as a binary options trader you have to roll with the punches. My mistake was in timing the market. I got in too late expecting […]

The Big Event to Watch for Friday: US Preliminary UofM Consumer Confidence

Tomorrow’s big binary options trading game plan is the US indices. But before getting into that, let’s look at some of the binary trading I did Wednesday and today.  These are some of the long term positions I’m in, but I’ll go over the awesome strategy that I used to make $400 in about 30 […]

Cashing in on the Dow

I made some long positions on the EUR/USD and the USD/JPY with a weekly expiration. I’ll go into more detail in tomorrow’s post as I feel it would be better to focus on a few significant events that will shape the markets on Thursday. This was a week in this round of corporate earnings report […]

A Review of Yesterday’s Binary Options Picks and Wednesday’s Predictions

As we mentioned in previous articles, we have started to take screen shots of our trades so you see what’s going on. I had some pretty nice picks yesterday. Let’s look at three of them. GBP/JPY This is me entering into one of the many 15 minute calls I made on the GBP/JPY as I […]

Running with the Bulls

Net positive cash inflows to the US stock market has been driving trading activity along with corporate earnings that are beating expectations. This week is going to be full for a binary option trader as he or she will have to watch out for as many as 8-10 vital data releases from the US. There […]

The United States Continues to Puzzle the Rest of the World

Amid talks that the fiscal cliff wasn’t properly handled and the overhanging problem of the debt ceiling, the S&P 500 actually went up 0.4% last week to close over 1470. The positive earnings reports from Alcoa (AA) and Wells Fargo (WFC) have shown investors that the economy – contrary to popular belief – could actually […]

Weekend is the time for binary trading!

Binary brokers offer the chance to trade binary options in the weekend albeit with less features available. Our favorite binary options platform to trade on during the weekends is Traderush. There aren’t many relevant indicators available on the weeends, but sometimes it is the only time some of us can do some trading. One Touch, […]

Market events to watch out for on Friday

In my previous post yesterday, I touched on tracking market events and basing binary options trades on the outcomes of these events. This strategy will take up a large portion of today’s tips. EUR/USD, EUR/JPY The European Central Bank Press Conference will start tomorrow at 1:30PM GMT and investors can monitor this event on the […]

Market Events Can Trigger Binary Options Trading

There are quite a few market events that traders should look for this week in order to make money fast. Options traders will have plenty to do as there are five noteworthy market events and I will highlight one today and two each for Thursday and Friday. 1. DAX calls anywhere below 7690 European stocks […]

Are our troubles behind us?

I spoke about the progress in the Western trading world in the previous post. Let’s move eastward as a lot can be said for Asian markets. The Nikkei 225 closed at a two-year high. Chinese manufacturing numbers were encouraging signs for investors that signified the continued expansion of the Chinese economy and the region’s productivity […]

Stock markets rally after deal reached in US Fiscal Cliff negotiations

Investor optimism with the economic recovery in the US and better global economic conditions expected in 2013 has binary options traders approaching the coming weeks with a bullish sentiment. The Fiscal Cliff agreement being reached was significant in that it avoided a double dip recession due to the simultaneous tax reductions and spending cuts that […]