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Plus500 ReviewBefore depositing money, see how Plus500 ranks amongst the top Forex trading platforms. provides forex and binary options traders the best information regarding forex and binary option brokers.

Plus500 is one of these online platforms that enables their users to trade various Forex currencies.  Plus500 is based out of the UK and has been around since 1999, functioning as a solitary platform, rather than the multi-trading that other online platforms use. Therefore, it is comprehensive and easily understandable to new users. Unlike the other online Forex brokers, plus500 offers more appealing trading features than the rest. It is a reliable and professional Forex broker having strong relationships with top banks all around the world. Some online Forex brokers are offering a bonus with no deposit plan, and Plus500 is one of these.

Plus500 have been around for over 12 years and since have offered excellent service as a Forex broker software application that facilitates and helps traders from all over the world to trade Forex.

The plus500 website incorporates a simple and convenient design that makes it the top-notch Forex product. The design is uncluttered and in order. The plus500 web offers a clear trading screen and directs its users to four preset tabs at the topside of the webpage. From these tabs, users can access their transactions; both past and present.

There is a knowledge center available that enables newcomers to get advanced information and practice through example scenarios from the field of Forex. The website incorporates the plus500 software that is simple and easy to use. It offers Forex indices, Forex trading, stocks and commodities all in just a single package.

In terms of your Forex trading, Plus 500 offers you to open a mini account with as small amount as $100 with a 200:1 leverage. During your trading process, you can access the various financial markets around the world and real time quotes. Like a fine Forex broker, plus500 also provides its users an ease of withdrawing the funds.

When you are going to open an account with plus500, you will be surprised by some absolutely nice and useful bonuses. The first bonus is the unlimited free account which is quite unusual in Forex markets. Moreover, plus500 presents bonus of 30% on your primary deposit. Also, it offers a gift of $50 for your trading account.

Furthermore, the plus500 platform is always open and responsive. It provides a 24/7 customer service but only through phone calls and emails. It doesn`t provide the feature of live chat. Plus500 online features include; Stop loss, Standard Entry Limit, Profit Limit, Market Orders and Trailing Stop. It also offers a free and unlimited account, providing an advantage in which almost all the Forex traders are interested.

Plus500 comes with three flexible versions. First is the download version, second is an internet format version and the third is the version for mobile interface usage. It is easy to change a particular version by switching from one to another without making a transaction every time.

Plus500 is an excellent brokerage platform that gives you the feeling that it truly wants business with you with all its offered bonuses. The plus500 is most suitable for new Forex traders and experienced traders who want more complex and advanced functionality like chart manipulation, graphs and data etc.


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